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I do a lot of things I guess. I really like to make stories though.
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Wanna check it out?[/url]

Sorry about that, I wasn't trying to ignore you. Of course I'll review your comic, I already had you on my list, I guess I just forgot to tell you.


I'd be happy to.
I suppose it could, so long as you create the sprites and not copy and paste them, which many people do.
Wanna check it out?[/url]
Well there has to be at least one thing good in every comic. Finding a comic that has no good qualities is as hard as finding a perfect comic.
Mabye if it was in color. Sorry for the harsh review.
Wanna check it out?[/url]
Wanna check it out?[/url]
Okay, you're signed up.

Heads up! I won't be able to make another review until next week, so sit tight.
Wanna check it out?[/url]
Wanna check it out?
Okie Dokie!
I'm glad you think this site is helpful.
Wanna check it out?
Wanna check it out?
Tablets are indeed useful. Hope you end up getting one.