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I write stories and have a dream to turn my stories into mangas and/or animes.
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Good Job
On making the Nidoran look really menacing.
"That turkey listened to our music or what?"
"I'm allergic to it"
XD lol
Look at panel 2
He was able to save the kitteh
I thought he didn't and just
got saved himself. But he did :)
even though he freaked out Peter. o.o
It actually got pretty sad on the previous page. I thought Atty was to be strangled (at least that's probly what he thought)
Uber Lol!
I'm gonna die laughing and it's only been the 4th page!
Plus, Prof. Oak is delusional!
One of my most favorite comics of this series so far :D
Plus 14th panel+Gerard's face=Uber lol!