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Hey all, sorry this page is so late; my arthritis got the best of me the past few weeks. Hopefully this turns around soon...
This one got done a little later than usual, sorry.
Just wanted to take the extra time for quality control today, especially after that last page, which I should probably be flogged for. :p

But I'm glad I did; love that last panel... :)
Hey all, hope everybody's liking the story thus far! :)

This was a fun page to do; I enjoy messing around with layouts, finding new ways to do things.
But my chibis are weak.

I am ashamed.
Thanks, Yassa! =)
And your PikaSemeChu had me ROLLING!! I'm not a shonen-ai fan by any stretch of the imagination, but your story's too funny to miss! ;)
Yeah. There was so much more detail I wanted to put in that middle panel, working at my regular size (11x7) wouldn't have been big enough, so I went ahead and did it on 2 9x12 sheets for this page. =/
Not sure how I feel about this page.
Well, I KNOW I don't like the first panel.
The rest of it...? =/
Back for MORES!
Bwahahahaha! Bet you all thought you were rid of me, but NOOOOOES!Haha, suckers! =p

But really, the story's too good, it's like crack. I just can't stay away!
All apologies to the readers for this page being so late, and thanks for reading, and we hope you continue to enjoy Dreams and Dragons! =)

Glad you like it!
I guess I did go a little crazy on that panel... =)


Holy cupcakes?!
I think this was one of my favorites to draw, thus far.
Oh. Then in that case, well-done! =)
Ah nice, nice.
The back of Jirkle's head is indeed well-rendered.
Good layout, once again, very interesting.
Although some background tones/effects in the second panel would have been appreciated to show/enhance Jirkle's dark mood.
The perspective on te shelf looks a little off, especially when you see the perspective of the chair.

Have you checked out Tentopet's perspective tutorials? Or I think Pop Mhan has a pretty good system he explains on his forums... =/
Heh heh... chibi's ist da funnest... =)

I like the depth on top of the black in the last panel, too. Good for depth.
The hands turned out real good, too! ;)
S'alright, it works this way; if you HADN'T mixed it up, the hand prolly would've gotten buried under the balloon.
You're very welcome. =)
Ouch. Yes, yes it did.
Remind me sometime to scan in some pretty pictures to send you... =/
Hmmm... maybe it's just that third panel, but I'm noticing a lot of similarities in your style to Adam Warren. Ever read him?
Hmmm... making up trees. Interesting idea. But I guess it would be kinda necessary when dealing with alternate dimensions. So points for you. =)
Although a darker tone would've been good to add more depth to the tree on the right side... *wink*

And it's not the simplicity of the design of the house so much as the shape. Simple doesn't have to mean plain, as plain=boring. Yo can make a simple house without it being a box; more rectangular (taller), a round hovel, etc.

And I'm glad this story is such a challenge for you; the more it pushes you, the more you'll improve.

And I am still male!! I've just... been reading a lot of shojo lately... XD
Ah, I see. Either way, it turned out great. Whatever works, right? =)

And this is why I love Computones (yes, I got it from the HTDM books!); I'd do a fill on the floor tones, and the plug-in would let me change the angle of the tone application, so you'd have just as much control over it as if you were putting them on by hand!
Well you DID draw them hugging, and it worked rather well!