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Roleplayer, mangaka wannabe, a writer and a day dreamer! I love a good plot twists and I'm always hoping to incorporate them into my stories. Although I always happen to be gone for months and months on end, I still force myself to try and finish this through to the end \o/
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And so! I'm going to try and finish up the next batch of pages in hopefully by the end of the month \o/ which *crosses fingers* would be closer to the ending of this comic!

*add* I gotta admit, when I look over this page on my office Mac, the colour treatment is kinda dark but the screen on my Windows laptop at home is pretty bright. @_@
YAY! I manage to finish the coloring faster now! Here's hoping I could at least speed up the next batch of pages x3
Pg 26 YAY! I was mentally debating how much 'ripped' abs I should give Cid cause he's sitting down in some rock ledge thing and most of the screenshots I saw of Cid from AdventChildren and DoC kinda makes him look like he has a smaller frame with a good thick head on him. So I decided to make his abs not too pronounced but obvious enough to be able to tell =d
Oh! This is wonderful! Definitely faving!
Well! This is certainly terrible of me for not updating. But I am going to try my best to finish this so I can focus on other new series! So good luck to me!
i love the eyes! HAHAHA he's so blank in his head there
Witty dialogue! I like!
Lol! Thanks x3
September 17th, 2012
I love this!
This is quite a pleasant read! Short and simple!
September 16th, 2012
I love this! Definite fav!
September 15th, 2012
I'm loving their reactions. I was first attracted to that white haired character with the red tips. Honestly I had a similar character in mine too, it's super rare to find a character with that kind of hair coloring. Haircolors like these [solid color with another color at the tips] is commonly found in this other online platform a couple years ago and only recently in last year that the trend picked up.
September 13th, 2012
It's been so long since I last updated =x I do feel bad about it, and I'm still forever, eternally, honestly grateful for the fans who still read. I hope to get this doujinshi over and done soon so I can work on the next ^^
OH this is quite a delight to read!
actually it would be funny if they are mother and son lol
yeah so now im trying to multi task abit, between working and doing comics ^^
An Update! Hopefully I get to send in more by the end of the week
I do notice that I haven't been updating much. Work has been taking alot of chunk off my personal life lately. The only free day I get is a Sunday but that's taken up by me trying to finish up the rest of my work. SO! I would like to say thank you everyone who are still reading this, Molly you're a real sweetheart ;3 and I am SO SO SORRY for being really slow on this!
October 30th, 2011
Faved for an awesome artwork =3