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Me and awesome face are making a webcomic. 8D She's writing the script cause I am a lazy fuck.
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You know when your scanner fucks coloring up the ass? So not satisfying. Either way, I just wanted to warn people that this is about what Aldrich will be drawn like now. I don't think he's very pleased about it, but whatevs. Hope it decreases the eye burn. Other than the blinding brightness of it.
Satero just needs a big HUG. : D
Inksword; Don't you have dreams like that? Beards such as these are like bushy storage devices, I presume.

Takakouya; It is most certainly Hay-soos the fish. Yup yup. <3 And yeah, he probably would like, flop around on your face until you died.

Fastpuck; I say yes, he says if you don't want a hand. C:

Mythee; It's a good source of protein. Just make sure to sneak up on him.

Pentland; hahaha yes. XD He also smokes cigarettes, apparently. Underwater. What was I drawing late at night when I decided I should join the world may never know.
WOO~! Aldy can provide snacks. 8D
This actually makes me cringe to look at. Because of A) the fact it took me so long to put it online because we were moving and B) the fact I've improved since then and his face is so ugly drawn like that I want to gouge my eyes out. But Jesus the fish is probably still the height of my aquatic animal drawing abilities.

So basically I'm sitting in my empty house with a computer set up on a cardboard box waiting for everyone to bust through the windows and stone me to death for sharing this monstrosity.
I can't think of anything else to say. The eye burning speaks for itself.
I think Skye's FACE in the fourth panel completely set my day up for success. Anything bad/unexpected that comes my way I'll think of THAT. Lulululul. Either that or Bailey and just examine it. xD PRICELESS.
Lullll I love Clover. I also love the fact he has an adorable chibi face with a realistic MANCHEST.
This comic just wins at life.
The disco outfit by far surpasses my creative powers. They told me he should just randomly wear shiny jumpsuits that clash with the green of his skin.