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I'm hyper, I am British and I'm very, very, VERY loud :3

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This comic is so cool! I want your talent =)
I agree with Mikashi! She's not ugly!
"I left milk!" Haha!
I love your comic so far!! :D
Tell me about it, and your welcome :D
Tell her, and I belive yes he would
BWAHAHAHA!!!!!! *Dies laughing*
I'd like a chocolate house more! But then it would melt..... and I'd be trapped inside... and it'd turn out to be a DISASTER!! Love the comic by the way :3
Cool, I never knew that! But now I do :3
They look AWESOME!
Get well soon Marshmellow
Go catch her Cookie!
I love this webcomic! It's awesome!
*Blink Blink* huh?? Oh my goodness!
HUH? Did he just.....?? *speachless*
She totally deseverd that, anyway if Violet hadn't I would, lol
that's really funny! I think I'd be just as bad though! LOL
I also think I'd slam my knife and fork down on the table, and start screaming..... lol
I think I'd go mad if my mum said that to me! Lol, but I don't go to school, cuz I'm home schooled, great comic by the way!