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A doer of many important things.
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@Vivi: thank you so much for your comment Vivi!
I'm glad this comic gave you so many fond memories and you still think about it;U;
you used to comment before, didn't you?
@superkiona123: I'm glad you still enjoy this comic and we were able to help you bring in the New Year! QWQ
I hope you have a wonderful 2016 and thank you so much for your wonderful comment.
@Malick: it took three days for those damned things to stop! It was awful D: <
Ugh- you should have seen the store- it was an absolute WRECK!! Thank god I wasn't there- but the pictures man... Frames and glass everywhere ene;;
Wah~ I'm so glad you still enjoy them!! QUQ;; remind me to put new pages up, yeah? -n-;; I keep forgetting again.
Man... these earthquakes =3=;;;
@Hakked: "looking to enjoy your services Jonathan eOe hohoho~" says the Margo.
@Malick: of course you'll get to see it! Don't be silly!! I'd be sending you pages now if I could ;0; I'm about five pages away from finishing the whole damned thing.

Oooooh- he's just an idiot, you know that -w-
@Hakked: ooooooooh- they just want his monies uwu
@Hakked: I'm glad you like it -w-~ I have to admit, that panel amuses me too.

Hoho~~ of course he wouldn't mind! He enjoys it on a good day, but being surrounded by easy women? HA!
Uh oh!
I am a great magician... YOU NOW HAVE SUSPENDERS!!

Continuity error~ I really should go back and fix this <w<;;;
@Hakked: heh heh >U>;; I didn't even think of that
@Hakked: I KNOW!! We both had our own interpretation of the answer unu;;; apparently I was wrong...
February 28th, 2014
That damned riddle started a three day debate...
February 26th, 2014
@snufflespf: aw you have? ;U;~~
I'm going to try and finish this thing and keep up on posts so you won't have to wait forever for new pages >____<;;;
February 16th, 2014
Well it wasn't yesterday, but at least I kept my word and posted something uOu
I have the site set so it'll post new pages everyday until the 20th~ I'll try my best to remember to add more then
And a terrible doctor >w>;;
Let's hope you never got that mix up with your patients <o<;;
You're a terrible owner Thomas uOu
Your own cat doesn't even like you =n=
I can't think of a comment for this page ;A; ;;;;
Hey look they're getting their luggage! :"D ;;;
I used my own cat as a reference for this uAu;;;
@Manga-Ka: me too uOu
Who'd of thought remembering would be so hard?
@Manga-Ka: yes yes eOe something very new indeed!