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I am as you imagine me. Doesn't everyone need a friend? So what if they aren't real to anyone else.
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Been a while since I said anything, sorry I still haven't sent your candy (I will though!). I hope you have a lot of fun this year, how are your arms doing? Are you still feeling stronger?

I hope you start feeling a hundred percent! Maybe writing a bit of something else would refresh you a little to Lost Love?

Tata for now darling~
D: I'm so sorry about you and your boyfriend! I'll send extra candy...
Aww, I can understand that. I love Halloween, but since it's the only one of its kind where I live, I don't have to worry about encroachers. Don't worry! I doubt a holiday that cool could be forgotten!

I did get it, I haven't opened it yet so I won't forget where it is. ^^;; Because I'm bad about that sort of thing...
Ohhh, well. :3 I can still understand.
What? Really? >>;; That's a little creepy...
8D Wow! That's cool that you have your own festival~ I think Japan doesn't mind because it doesn't really have any holidays around that time and in that case I feel like fun imports can be just that. But I don't like overwriting perfectly functional and similar holidays.
That is sad... Did she at least explain it?
8D You have the best (for fans) way of celebrating evah.

XD I always think spending time, especially nerdy time, with someone you like is cute.

>D I will give you candy to put Halloween to shame! (Even though I don't think it's celebrated in Denmark, still!)
8D Happy Six Month Anniversary~
Your date sounds super cute~

Yay~ 8D I have tried lots of candies now, so I'll be able to send you a delicious assortment.
I probably have the envelope you sent me, but I would not discourage sending me your address again!
Aww, I do the same thing. It makes for pretty slow going, huh? I'm glad you got through it though!
8D It's pretty awesome. Though I miss my kitties...
Candy I can do! They have a crap ton of candies over here, so I can send you lots of tasties~
That's great! Although that deal does sound pretty tough. Are you at least a fast reader?
School and looking at graduate schools. I've been here since August and I'll leave in December. ;D Should I look for something BL to get you?
That's so exiting! Are you doing well in school? I'm glad to hear it's going so well for you. Pictures sometime, yes?
I'm doing well, I'm in Japan! Do you want a souvenir?
High deary~! 8D Haven't posted in a while, how are things going for you~?
DX Oh.. Just..Hug him already!
8D spending all day with Simon ~ ooh yeah ~

Happy late birthday 8D I hope it was awesome!
<3 I'm so happy for you! XD but I didn't mean to make sure he's pretty enough. Since my standards are way high and my preferences on the androgynous side, I'm use to disagreeing on levels of someone elses looks. What I really want is to see his eyes, windows to the soul and all that. Although I'm glad he's sweet to you. You deserve a good person! Ii am serious about pictures though XD if he's going with you to the con, take a few candid photos ~
8DDD you have a boyfriend?! I demand pictures and a full description to make sure he is worthy! (and to see what sort of lad catches your eye ~)
So exiting ~
It's gettin' hot in Here~
:> I heart your cover at so much. I hope you don't mind, but I usually make it my background~
But, I... I was kinda... Starting to like him..