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From personal experience.
This is how it is. Trust me, I've got street credibility.
so peeeemp.
so i made this
Hey guys,

Sorry about the inactivity for so long. It was a combination of not having enough time and the inability to come up with anything I didn’t hate. But I do appreciate you guys still sticking around and your concern, it’s pretty awesome.

I love comics, but the actual process of making them kills it. So I’ve decided to keep the art simple, and see what happens. I apologize to your eyes.

By the way, this one came out way more depressing than I thought it would, haha.
August 30th, 2010
Still pretty romantic, home or not.
Oh, them.
Get with it, spirit wolves
Learn some phone etiquette, Miller. Rude.
Eric-o-vision is intense!
We'll take a little break from Bruce and his adventuring for now. I'll throw in some here and there, because variety is the spice of life, right?
Eric has impressive balance
Jeff is really matter-of-fact.
Strong and fat, what a physical specimen
Are you ready to ruuuuuumble?

Seriously though, fight.
Namm: I guess we'll have to see, haha.

Pudgy: Oh definitely. This is just something I'll do every now and then. And heck, they might even show up here *spoiler*
Changin' gears. Hope you like it!