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I was wondering why i wasn't receiving updates
Well they say from love to hate there's just a thin line WHEEZE
Looks like a hot big sis to me hshs <><>
Also bon there's a Typo in the last globe, "whatever" i think it is ; v;/
I want your strawberry milkshake Roy
Leo you Lucky guy 8(
Hng Leo you cutie come here ; <;
Oh no he's hot
Hellooou cutie patootie <><>
Also new manga yay, casually following! <3, looking so so great.
Roll on me as much as you want ☆BA☆BY☆
Makami come to my home too, i'll take care of you, you can be member of my doggies pack too ;;__;;
Inukun hates me, I-is this... ~*+º`LOVE?´º+*~
Thanatos I'm your Fan&#9829;
You're awesome! ;A;&#9829;, But, i don't like too much ApolloxArtemis Pairing *sigh*, i don't care, your art is wonderfull!

Kids_Can_Fly@ From left to right, Hera, Poseidon, Perséfone, Apollo, *down* Zeus, Anfitrite, Hades and Artemis.
I Think The Upper Characters are the pairing of the other side ;D
Well, Just one thing to say
MOAR!!! D8
xD, Awesome Comic!