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Hey! You ate my cake!
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It took me about an hour but now I get it! lol
nice teeth.

You are well super at art. =D
poor dragonthing...

chamander (charzard)is the best pokemon ever. :)
luv this page!
hiya h0ly.told u i wud comment.i luv this page sooooo much and pllllllzzzzzz shade with pencil more often it looks well good.

love his hair (atticus)
it looks well good! =3

once again.night.
omg!that is soooooo did u think of that???lol lol lol.i luv your comic and your art. :D
ouch...that go2 hurt!
ugh...painfull...awwwww and i thought it was well funni how she had the strawberry knickers lol.i still need to finish colourin the spare one,u no the spare page 4 this.i hav kinda lost
lol so funny i hate them pop up things.U r the 1000000th winner click here to get a playstatoin 3...or!