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I'd like to apologize for updating strangely - I haven't decided my schedule yet. Working on it, though!
Here's where the story really begins.
I know..literally nothing about Naruto. But I do know that you should save this as PNG. It's far superior for saving sprite comics, as JPEG will distort them.
^That. Why would I have a problem? -_-

Biodome...that movie was awful. I could feel my IQ dropping as I watched it.
Zen heads to secure the back, makes a reveal while thinking aloud, and the invasion force has sent in devils to invade the back exit. As any Megaman fanknow, devils are hard to take out because they can easily reform from any attack and can actually take themselves apart.

So, Zen's in a heap of trouble. And obviously, the Evil Robot Collector has an affinity for Megaman Robots...
Well, I'm here. If someone would give me privileges, I'd happily update something.
I think I'm gonna throw in the towel. I can't keep up with this comic. :/ Sorry, guys..I haven't updated forever.

As for my characters, I'd rather them left alone instead of used.
Understood, Candyman.

Though I do expect you to keep PA alive. Don't forget it too!
What? Of course you can keep Jack. You make him awesome.
McBongo is obviously Chuck Norris with robes, a mask, a clown nose and an afro.
...he is SO screwed. I can already see him him shouting "Take off your clothes!" again.
We'll just say Zen's been on recon. Myself, I've been busy testing. :/
Considering everyone else is outside and Hvac's dealin with a stronger droid, Zen's delaing with any fodder who gets into the base.
Yay fights! I actually want to see Harman battle. He's my favorite.

Though, technically, using bite on Raticate shouldn't of damaged it, let alone beat it. Technically, bite is a dark type move and normal types aren't effected by dark...
Yay Zen! Ironically, I am a trumpet player. XD
...Cool story, bro.
I like the dude with spikes on his helmet. :3
And while you do that, I'll update a legitimate update to AiSW.

Surprise! I'm halfway done with an update.

Let's talk in the AiSW chat!
Gah! Pardon my poor typing ability.