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What to say? Well, I'm Scottish and into video games and Formula 1. I have been spriting for 3 years and can make an average looking comic, but I still cant make a spritesheet. Its not easy when you have the creative talent of a baboon.

If you have any questions or stuff, feel free to contact me. Especially if it's emulation related (have helped a few people, and can do most stuff up to PS2)

Dont let my dry sarcasm fool you. I genuinely dont mean to cause offence. Though I do have an opinion on almost everything however!
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    "Name means nothing on the battlefield"
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So basically, Nico is a "lad" while Mayyp is a Gentleman?
The Pastors are not related to Maldonado are they?
That trophy is really bugging me - Im sure its a track from somewhere (Maybe Gran Turismo?)
Didnt realise I hadnt been here for a year!

That explains the Microphone
Mappy41, if its any comfort Ive just read up all the pages since June (The last time I was on SJ).

Also glad to see The Spud is still present!
Somebodys heart is about to be split in two...
@Squirreltastic-Blue and @mappy41 - That car is also more reliable than most other cars you can buy!

And Nico, is that wise? or legal? Maybe Coach's megaphone will have something to say about it!
Uh-oh - crack on the chassis means an instant write off! :(
Seeing this and hearing the song in my head reminds me (oddly) of the same montage in the film Naked Gun

Also the return of Spud guy! :)
One for Coach Kulot, whats the deal with the microphone?
Ace! I check SJ for the first time in God knows how long, and your back! :)

Welcome back!
And all this wouldnt have happened if not for a blown fuse...

Calm down Piquet/Salazar (delete as appropriate for Nico)

I know right? Brilliant financial play from Kimi, he gets a big payoff then rejhoins again a few years later!
Dead?! Someones jumpy!

The biggest injury will be to his pride I would guess...
Unfortunately sandbagging is what Red Bull are good at =(

Glad your back and ok =)
Unfortunately I dont have a dvd - apart from the season review ones theres nothing - Bernies so tight with the rights that unless somebody recorded the race themselves and uploads it, theres nothing. We are lucky in the UK that we can see highlights of old races on BBC but most people dont even get that =(

Lets just hope Nico doesnt end the same way as Pironi (Or Villeneuve!)

Ah so Nico prefers more oversteer than understeer - I believe thats how Schumi goes for too
Maybe one of them should be dubbed Pironi?

If Nico is using low downforce I wonder if its a fast track?
ANd somebodys going to wreck their tyres
If you arnt sure Nico, take your time and have a warm up lap!
Depends - anyone who watched F1 from 2007 loves him and things hes the best ever, fans watching F1 before 2007 hate him because hes so overrated and cocky. Me? I think hes a glorified Jacques Villeneuve. Plus he blames everyone but himself for any problems.

Dont worry about the mistranslation =)

And Keon, I know exactly what you mean - I have been there myself many times!