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Wow, I remember some of you guys from years ago! Kippi, I was SUCH a huge fan of yours! I'm retro trippin' like crazy right now! I dug out an old external harddrive from '08 to reuse and found entire folders of elaborate story details for some ill-begotten webcomic of yore. Took me a few hours to track down my Smackjeeves log-in details, and then I saw that this thing is still getting hits?? I was like, "who are you people!?" and I had to find out.

I started uploading this thing when I was a teenager, and now I'm 22 years old and nose-deep in academia. I kept meaning to get back to this, but so much time had passed before I was really able to that by then it was just this embarrassing old thing I threw up on the internet as a teenager. I was skipping through some pages and making the same face I made through half of "Apocalypse Now." I'm much more into music these days than comics.

Anyway, I always wonder if people I used to follow on sites like these died when they just stopped updating forever, and it sucks to not know, so... Hi, I'm not dead!
Uh, who's reading this?

...Show of hands?
LOL, it's Big Patty!
I actually spent the whole time writing that scroll up there. True story!

Ew, schoolwork. Tell me about it. I've jammed so much French vocab into my head this year, I don't know what language I'm thinking in half the time. I've begun to have night terrors en francais. I just wake up screaming the lyrics to Alouette and wondering why I'm crying into a baguette.

And thank you! I will also eagerly await Milk updates. <3
It's about time he left, don't you think? He's been there ten months. ;3

(ba dum tsh!)

/keeps day job
LOL. There's always one!
Thank you! :D
massive wall of text oh god what is this
So I can't believe it's been almost AN ENTIRE YEAR since I've updated this, and I feel equal parts guilty and ashamed because of it! I'm still alive, if anyone was wondering. I've spent most of this time away fighting giants and battling Cthulhu and having grand adventures.

But really, all I can say is I'm sorry, to the people who supported me from the beginning and expressed interest in this and were so encouraging even in my longass absence. I don't know if any of you are even still around - I know how frustrating it is when something you're following is dropped with little explanation - but I hope you still are. You have my thanks all the same for all the kind and thoughtful comments. I would hug every last one of you if I could, and then you would punch me, and then I would begin to cry because I'm just so lonely and I have so many feelings and then I'd get arrested and that's actually how I met my 3rd wife.

I hate giving explanations for these things because they often feel like excuses, but here's mine: Life got CRAZY. I'm just going to revamp the entire webcomic and turn it into 'The Misadventures of Throwing Cats and Friends feat. College'. Well, not really. But I probably could. It would be filled with cats and it would be filled with throwing, and sometimes both at once.

Mostly, I got incredibly bogged down with schoolwork. The plan was to get back to regularly updating over the summer, but then I ended up working two jobs (one of which was the most boring thing I have ever done in my life and actually eroded away my soul until I was no longer a functioning human being. Now I'm only able to smile when I'm kicking babies), and then I went back to school, and I guess I just let time slip away from me because now it's been ten months without an update and I'm like WOAH. I feel like I've just come out of some weird space vacuum in which time has ceased to exist. Also, my computer died a soldier's death in early October and I haven't been able to get a new one until recently. Thankfully, I'd copied everything over to an external HDD shortly before, like a boss. If the world ends in 2012, it still can't be a worse year than 2011, and we're not even halfway through yet! DESTINATION AGONY.

I also got my licence, which I was intially very proud of, but it's a lot less cool than American teen movies make it out to be, because all I do is drive my friends around or go on coffee runs so I don't just drop dead in the middle of a shower or something. And I feel very old. Glamorous. What's up with that, Americans?

And while we're here, I think it's worth sharing that my cat knocked my tablet clean off the shelf yesterday in what I assume was an attempt at some heroic jump, and it tumbled down to the floor with a plaintive little clank that will forever reverberate in my head
with something akin to horror. Now only the eraser bit of my pen works, but I'm a survivor. The cat was promptly thrown very far and very hard, of course.

Anyway, I think that's all I wanted to say. I'm surprised if any of you have even read this far. If you have, you should totally call me.
I'm short and I have two cats. Now you know everything about me. What's not to like, right lads and ladies?! Giggity. But really: I'm going to try very hard to update weekly again now. I'm sure there will be times when I update a little more when I have the time, or - when I begin school again - a little less, but I won't be disappearing into the cosmos for months at a time again. I know where I want this webcomic to go right up
until the end (give or take a few middle bits in which I will almost certainly deviate from the actual story and fill in with random pictures of kittens and other cute, fuzzy things, like perhaps my goatee) so I'm going to try very hard to get there!

Thank you all so much once again for the comments and the encouragement, even if you've moved on to greener, less-dead pastures and aren't here to receive my gratitude. I really appreciate it and I always have. I wanted to provide a text update much sooner than
this, but I felt it would be inappropriate, unnecessary and annoying if I didn't even have an actual update to show for it, especially since I did the same thing in my last "update"! So here we are! :3 I will be drawing only stick figures from now on, by the way. Just kidding. Maybe. You'll just have to wait and see. I'm so mysterious. Jessica Alba says that's what attracted her to me in the first place, but
I really think she's just telling me what I want to hear.

And look at this awful wall of text. I have no idea where this came from. Dip me in embalming fluid and call me Agatha Christie because I've gone and written a novella. ZING. (Too soon?)

Many x's and many o's!

I really, really hate doing this because the banner's going to show up on the front page under Recently Updated and people are gonna be like LOLZUPDATE and then find out it isn't actually, but I feel obligated to say something and I'm not sure if anybody would notice a news post, so here we are.

I'm really sorry for the ridiculous lack of updates ALL this month. I doubt anybody's beating their head against the table in ANGUISH over it or anything, but I've been trying to keep this webcomic regular because I have a looooot of plans for it (like, all-the-way-to-the-ending type of plans) and I really want it to go somewhere, and you people were nice enough to +fav, so I feel bad when I mysteriously disappear for long periods of time.

I don't want to get started whining because I know it gets on my tits something awful when other people whine about the typical 'Boohoo: ENGAGE! All systems go!' types of things, so - put simply - I got dumped in a pretty shitty way and a lot of things have been happening as a result of or in regards to that and I'm still trying to figure out what to do.

It feels very strange to dumptruck on what's essentially a group of strangers, but if you're reading this, you're probably at least a little bit interested in my webcomic, right? And since it's something I've done and worked hard on, it feels a bit like I kind of know you guys. Or you guys kind of know me. Or something.


There's my excuse. And a crudely drawn rabbit (??) in repentance.

I hope I'm not being obnoxious in doing this because I know I haven't really got far enough with this yet to have anyone completely invested in it or anything (though I hope to get that far eventually!), but I thought I should say something so you all know I'm still among the living and not off kicking it with Count Dracula or Benjamin Franklin or whatever. I'll update as soon as I can. >:

What an awful year this is turning out to be.
I use Photoshop but I've been trying to figure out how to use MangaStudio so I can shade/etc. in MS and use PS for coloring. :)
I agree, I was thinking the same thing. It's something I really have to work on alongside more expressive speech bubbles. This is my first webcomic so I've been a bit wobbly, but hopefully I'll keep improving.

Thanks for the crit! :)
Another page~

And I was thinking the same, Larking! I bet he's a virgin. :>
Ohhh, this feels like visual foreplay! I want to get to the Grand Reveal but this is all necessary. ):

I'm kinda likin' Setsuna's hair up. (And it's easier to draw. :D)
Thanks! :D

Yeah, dress shopping is pretty bad in general. But dress shopping with my grandma is like trying to rock a baby to sleep in a basket of razor blades: it doesn't work.

Prom is STOOPID anyway. I might dash the dress idea and go dressed as a giant peach. Urhghhghgj.
C-c-c-combo breaker!


I have six more pages drawn and I'll color and upload them tonight and tomorrow morning, alongside editing some older pages because they're almost embarrassing to look at. It's good to be back!

These have been the craziest two/three months of my life. My midterms kept getting pushed back because of bad weather/school issues, so it was, like, prolonged torture. Prolonged procrastination.

THEN I had to go DRESS SHOPPING for my highschool graduation. Has anyone ever been dress shopping with their grandmother? Because it's an unrivaled pain in the ass. Seriously, I was ready to kick her hard enough to erase my entire existence. Ick.

Also, I rediscovered those awesome pink wedge cookies with the three layers. They're great. It doesn't have much to do with anything but I figured I'd put that out there.
I'm sooooo sorry! I've been super, super slow with updates! :(

But I have an excuse! My midterm exams start on Monday and I've been ridiculously busy with last minute assignments/homework/unit exams because allllll my teachers are trying to squeeze that last evaluation in before next week, when term grades have to be submitted to the school board. I've been spending most of my time studying. I even had a dream about mitosis last night, no joke.

My exams go out with a bang on Thursday, so I'll upload 4-5 pages that weekend to make up for this! I'll move faster than a hungry toddler in a cake shop, I promise!
Happy New Year everyone~ :D
Lovely art.

And wow, Newfoundland. That's a place you don't see referenced much. :D

HAHAHA, "nice one!".

Love it!