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I'm a communicationscience student. I like reading webcommics and original fiction, especially if it contains mystery, drama and 'yaoi'. I like reading books and manga, and watchting anime, though I do that less then when I was still in highschool.
I also like writing and drawing myself, and have numerous stories running around in my head, but I never get to it.
November 19th, 2012
I agree with Noname. Why is Harvey helping him? And not just tossing him out in the nearest town?
October 31st, 2012
Aaand now Scarrow has become the little black dress. ;p

Arin is quite sharp. :)
Atty is very aiki :)
October 29th, 2012
I'm pretty sure I'll ship Scarrow with nearly anyone. Yes, even with Arin....

So yeah, love the pic :)
October 24th, 2012
Can't wait
Can't wait
Can't wait for an update!!!!
October 5th, 2012
I think pulling over in that situation actually fits Harvey's character as a journalist.
I feel that the character traits of journalists are curiosity, interested in humans / humanity and a certain degree of recklessness. Of course a lifestyle journalist will take less risks than a warcorrespondent.

I love the glow of the light in panels 2,3 and 8.
But in panel 4, if the car is parked next to him, with the headlights (only strong light source) on the same side of back, how can his shadow extend towards the light source? Unless he flopped over. :)
April 16th, 2012
This page made me sooooo happy!
I was having a rather exhausting day at school and felt sick by the time I got hope. And this was such a wonderful surprise to come home to. A lovely light to a dreary day.
And I agree, damn uni!
But please do not feel obligated to post a page a week if it's too much. I'd hate to see such a wonderful artist get a burnout.

Now on to the page: Not sure about this new doctor yet, he seems arrogant? That could be fun :p
And Arin looks so cute in panel 4, like a surprised puppy.
And jeeeeez Fidus, he filed down his teeth!? That sounds painful. Will they grow back or is it a permanent body modification? Do your vampires have snake like teeth or do they secrate poison/sedatives through other glands?

Heh, I realise that I'm asking many questions that might have spoilery answers, but I just can't help it. This comic makes me so exited and curious, and you've done some wonderful worldbuilding. Every page and update just reveals a broader world and creates more questions at the same time.

What I was really wondering with the nocturnal question was how sensitive your vampires are to sun. Do they just not like it or does it actually affect them? AI: blisters, burns or impaired vision.

Haha, with vampires just being a soul controlling a dead body I guess you're right. Silly me :)
Now I'm wondering how they perceive/process pain and other sensations.
I guess a vampire can still be a carrier for disease though. Damn mosquitos :p

@hungryhippo: Smackjeeves has an RSS function which you can link to a page like igoogle. Many blogs, newspapers and some other sites have feeds, and igoogle is a site where you can instantly see which websites have new content. There are probably also other sites that can host a collection of feeds.
April 11th, 2012
This is a beautiful page, and panel 4 is especially interesting. Such a simple way to show that there is or will be a strong connection between these two.

I wonder how Fidus managed to fool those humans, are your vampire's very nocturnal or can they change their rythm to a dinural one easilly? Is it linked to Fidus being a relatively young vampire and thus closer to humanity? And could being closer to humanity have influenced his motivations to infiltrate? Why not lot an older, more experienced and possibly stronger vampire handle such a dangerous task?

I suspect Scarrow and Fidus must have known eachother, can't wait to find out if they did. I'm already feeling bad for Scarrow.

I love Scarrow's design. The pose, the clothes, that light tan and those angry eyes, it is awesome! And Arin is sooooo adorable! If I'd come across a guy like that I'd be spoiling him like crazy. I also clearly notice the deferences between them :) Thank you.

I'm also curious about that plant. Often plants are refused in hospitals cause they carry bacteria that may compromise the patient's immune system. Fidus just came out of intensive care, so does that mean that Vampires are immune to pretty much everything?
Or is it just a plasic plant :)
April 6th, 2012
I really can't decide what I love more: Arin's glasses or Ivy's clothing.
I wonder what's wrong with Fidus and how he and Arin will get along.
March 28th, 2012
Ah sorry for getting confused. I have to admit I did not take as much time to look at the page as I should have, and that it was a bit early in the morning. And I'm a bit faceblind.

The suggestions other readers made are al quite good. I was also thinking something along the line of subtly colouring some lines, like a very light colour splash.

Now that it has been mentioned, your style is indeed similar to that of reapersun, but unless I'm mistaken, you have mentioned somewhere that you were inspired by an artist who draws characters from Sherlock. I don't think this counts as plagiarism though, people are allowed to take ideas from each other and adapt them.
March 15th, 2012
Ooh goodie! There is so much information on this page even though it has no tekst. Great job!

My first surprise is that he has no curtains in his room, so Thane's not planning on spending the day anytime soon. Scarrow also has two pictures, I wonder of whom. They don't seem special enough to place on his desk or nighttable but they are there. Maybe they are pictures of people from the rebellion who he does not want to compromise by making them seem too important?
And he has binders! Binders have files! What files would he have? Frankly I'm surprised he has possesions at all.

He wakes at 7 am, quite early for a vampire household. Why is he not forced into a nocturnal routine. I'm also guessing it's summer or he lives in a subtropical / tropical area.

And the last pannel is sooooo adorable! I just want to hug and cuddle and keep him forever. I love his tear troughs :)

edit.... just realised this is Arin's page. Never mind the theories -_____-
I really like this page. I like how panel 2 and 4 seem to flow into eachother. And you can just feel him slide down that door, and slide from anger down into despair.
Saying that these two aren't starting out as the best of friends would be quite an understatement probably.
I look forward to an explosive relationship :) And plot! I adore plot!

Glad I could help, I took a minor in film and camera work last year. Haven't been able to do anything with my kowledge since :)
And I will definetly keep picturing Scarrow as John XD

State of mind before update: Oh, an update, that's a nice surprise.

I've started following this comic a few days ago and I absolutely love it. Scarrow seems the perfect little rebel in a dystopian world, and I adore dystopias. He also reminds me a lot of John Watson from Sherlock BBC, which has me picturing Thane as Sherlock, specifically; Granada Holmes. No idea if it's intentional or not.

I'm not trying to nitpick but maybe you could pay attention to the 'line of sight'. Like in the first panel it feels as though the servants are facing to the right, while in the next panel they are facing left. Also the last three panels seem to imply that Scarrow is already facing the door when he is pushed into the room. He starts by facing left, turns around but could also be looking behind him while facing left, and then thumbs against the door infront of him, facing left. In contrast, Thane's 'line of sight' never filps. I don't know the official terms for this in english, but I guess this kind of covers it?

On another note, I adore the lady servant's hair! And I hope you don't mind the concrit ^^;

Edit: found it's name the '180 degree rule'
It's a cinematic 'rule' but I guess it can apply to comics too. And actually, you can be as creative and artistic as you want and disregard this so called rule if you want. :)

Edit 2: A more indepth analysis and how and when you can break the 'rule'
Ohmigod! Puppieeees!
I had thought it was a clevver ruse, but they're really there!
And how can one not like them, I'm not big on dogs and I like them! I wonder what their adult form looks like.

Also, nice newspaper. Who's Callaghan though?
Oh Ike is so not going to be back before dark. I'm sure he'll get himself into all sorts of unlikely situations. I can't wait!

I love Ike's face in panel 4, and Shark & Haza are just sexy 24/7. I mean 'whooot! Shark's hair!'
I wonder what he is.

Oh, and panel 3 was a bit confusing, I thought that Shark was replying. I'm a bit dull in the morning, colour coding might help XD
Ah baw! Ike's a bad journalist! He's not even asking questions! What species is Natasha, why can Chris walk through solid objects, why did Ike get hired? (Although honestly I wouldn't have the guts to ask in his place eighter.)

Also, there a slight inconsistancy as to when you draw Natasha's wings.
┬░cuddles Natasha┬░
Gawd damnit! Sexy men overload! Both Chris and Skull are steaming!
Aww, he's cute!
And right now a million different symbolisms of green are running though my head. :p
Awwww, I want a pet like Natasha. It reminds me of a rabbit and a dragon too, so I guess it's a chimera?
I looove it's fluffy neck-fur <3