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Captain Awesome
Not only am I a nerd, but I'm British, smelly, and an all around sexy beast

can you dig it?
ehh I had this page done before the nuzlocke got the can, so I'll let you have it as a nice 5th Anniversary present, happy birthday Oh Gosh <3 (it was yesterday, sorry smackjeeves)
@Guest: Yeah then I realised that wasn't funny
We got gijinkas again courtesy of Jelly!
Sorry for the long wait between these pages, but XY came out like two days after the first one, oops!
The sequel to Oh Gosh, A Platinum Nuzlocke begins! Welcome to 2nova!

And I mean hey, sorry abotu that Q+A from forever ago, hopefully this new side project will be a good apology
Wow it's over, it only took two and a half years, oops

But yeah, sorry for the wait everyone, this went through a lot of rewrites, including an entirely different sappy heartwarmer, but fuck that we're here to have fun! Hope you all stick around for the sequel run, which I actually intend to update not-six months apart at a time! (No guesses as to which game I'm going for)

Special thanks to Jelly for doing all those fancy lighting effects at Plot Convenience Pier <3
It's hardly homophobic when they're equally disgusted by her heterosexual tendencies
Everyone just forgot he had used Rain Dance, even the art by the looks of things! Poor forgettable what's-his-name
How many cliffhangers can I fit into the course of a single battle? Let's keep going and find out!

(p.s. sorry this took so long, I had to rewrite this one so much before I liked it)
I wouldn't have needed his Psychic-ness if I still had Kelloggs! And Morgan would have kept his Steel-half covered too!
The final batch of gijinkas for this run; a few notable pokemon from The BOX!

Special thanks go out once again to Jelly, who designed all of these herself! Be sure to check out her nuzlocke run over here:
Don't forget to enjoy this audio aid while you read!
@CharleyJay: Unfortunately, Kululu didn't get used during the Elite Four battles. I had planned to keep him as my secret weapon for if something made me scream 'Oh sweet jesus, I want that thing to die immediately', but such an oppurtunity never arose. I can confirm now that everyone will be used in the champion battle though.
@Author Jakes: Certainly! It's a reference to a character of the same name from a series called Sgt. Frog (or Keroro Gunsou in some regions). The character in this nuzlocke is entirely based on him.
Yeah, this one ended up being another case of the Team Galactic Blues; nothing really exciting happened in-game (there weren't even any notable close calls), but I felt like I had to drag it out to please you guys. Of course, that led to that giant-ass wait from the Victory Road arc.

Don't be too mad at me, I can tell you that the Champion battle was a lot more exciting... for better or for worse...
This has to be a new record for smallest update; only eight panels

Feel free to make fun of my horrible moveset choices!
Oh my goodness, the only reason his stick doesn't have a spade on the end is because it's still lodged in his mother's skull.

It all makes sense now D:
I hadn't noticed this! Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I've fixed the pages I noticed the problem with now
@Author Jakes
No, he is, he was just too much of a jerk to wait around for Oh Gosh to return

I might just do that for reference (and so you can all make fun of my terrible movesets)

Well spotted!

Heavens no, I'm gonna get stuff done and actually finish this comic ;w;

It's ok Jim, come to my bosom, we're all together again now <3