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@BuddyT: That was a terrible movie...
Well its been a long time since I made a comic so, forgive the rustiness.

The house cried out... Hell has heard its call...
Welcome to you Death, come in at your own leisure
Think I'll give it ago again...
Longest Battle Cry ever
Due to Kai removing his account from SJ, I have been given the responsibility of uploading his pages...

I don't wanna hear any 'shit talk' here, Ok? Good.

:Quoted by Kaizuto:
Conner is Kaizuto's adopted son BTW.
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: Thanks. If you have time... I'd be curious to find a plot between Abdie and I.
Part 2
Heres Part 2 of the comic page... I may be uploading a bit late... but I'm happy with this page so f&%@ it

Anyway: some good news for you all...
I have Upgraded this comic to Donator Status on SJ (with my own money). You may now upload comics 4 times the File size (so now 2mb) So you can get more comic for your buck :V

Your welcome... ENJOY THE COMIC!

PS: The Yellow Hitsparks (Shiny thing on hits) are Successful Hits and the Blue ones are blocked hits
Eye Lazors! Sorry I Lol'd at that...
Well this was fun to make... mainly cause I was experimenting with a huge amount of things... Hope you like it...

This is Part 1... due to size
@kinny-man: I apporve of this comment
Great update mate! Looking forward to future ones
Looks like this guy has a whole bag of tricks...

Nice work bro.
@kinny-man: Haha, thanks. You can always talk to me on skype or MSN if you want ^^
If you want my sprites for usage, go here

They are frequently updated though so the link will soon expire

Hope to have a blast with you guys.
Lol I know thats you Nichts you stupid ass. Make someone elses life misrable