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*hyper beamed*

anyone remember me? no one?
*corner alone*

Lance does have a point. what stopped them from destroying unova when we released them in black and white? the fact that the trainers weren't able to get to a stalemate?

did anyone mention you have great artwork? cause this is great.
Dun dun DUUNNNNNN!!!
famous last words.
having so many grass types in one team is probably going not a good idea.
the ring is there to be bling.
"Shit" use count: 16
i think that's a record.
also, can you give an example of a great webcomic?
i would like to know where hil got those two loops. one is inbetween her legs and the other is behind her right hand. are they zippers?
so i guess the three all had their problems solved.
i'm gonna go with the empty space.
it can't be made of solid cardboard. that would be too obvious. it's obviously made by rebel walrus's looking for their bucket.
American English follows other languages down alley ways, knock them out and searches their pockets for loose grammar.
repeat previous.
EVERYONE HANDJIVE! and i mean everyone, the mrrvt, djoing, mad, DhX, EVERYONE AND ANYONE YOU CAN INCLUDE!
play card games to pass the time. apparently the tiger is a card game master and whoops everyone's ass, no matter the game.
i'm serious.
i have this disorder where my brain doesn't know when to stop telling my leg bones to stop growing.
i hate it. people keep kicking my shins to see if they are stilts.
plus, i have to keep checking my feet for splinters.

and i am actually about 5'10"
why do i sense trouble involving Gold Joe?
do something productive.
if nothing productive can be done, then do mad's command.
repeat previous.