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comics by the young and stupid finlandese who doesn't know what the word "research" means, neither does she plan anything.

or if she does, she never does it on paper.

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I really like all your stories and comics... ;-;
and I think I'd buy them if you printed them into a book or something!
February 27th, 2012
miks aattelin ettei... ton sairaalakaavun alla ois mtn... antaa kaiken vaan killua ilmavirran löyhyttelemänä---

yh anteek si unohda minut tämä oli söpöä
January 26th, 2012
aw sorry for not checking sj in such a long time. this was quite great.

I liked it more than homestuck hmm everything didn't take 3627919 pages(? what are those moving images anyway) huhuhu
Thank you for making this comic, I really enjoyed it!
Your style and the way you use textures etc is unique and they went well with the story. I hope you make more comics in the future! ´u` I look forward to seeing more of you~
November 27th, 2011
honestly, i'm sorry!
I know all of you would be happy with the way this is going right now. I know I might be selfish to think that I have to improve this thing, hell, I know it's just a webcomic and it doesn't need to be perfect. But still, I have so little time to work on this besides school and other stuff and me being unsure about this comic and how it's progressing didn't help at all - I just couldn't draw :c

And I draw for myself; I draw comics because I like it, and I can't draw something that I don't like. Well, of course I liked the story and all, but I didn't like it enough to struggle with all the mistakes I've made/make in it. for antifantasy, I really don't know. I wish I could stop time so I had more of it to draw these comics!

and I don't mean to sound angsty... but I ended up like that, crap. hah hah...
so sorry guys, but something had to be done...
so, I really can't continue this the way I've done before. I don't feel comfortable with this, it's messy and has lots of unimportant stuff in it and I know I could do better! Now that I'm older I see all the mistakes I did when I was younger :c

I'm not saying this because I hate this, no, I still love these guys and that's why I think they deserve a better comic. I hope you understand. I tried to keep on drawing this but in the end I had so much other things to do that got in the way and- yeah..

I hope we'll meet again! and sorry again!
September 19th, 2011
I can feel the pain :c
Formoka: not in this life XD or maybe... I don't even know that myself :,D
pico: hähä paha :--D
Mattylicious: haha I try to update regularly XD like, once a week if possible.. (i have my lazy moments tho)
thank you!
Jaden steals the spotlight

pico: no äläpä, mietin vaa niit pällei jotka menee viel kauemmaks esim johki barcelonaa XD kui noloo hei!!!
this comic isn't dead, I'm just having a lazy phase with this... AAAA SORRY i'll try to get a hold of myself and continue, sorry ;-;
;--; oh fuck, 21 days... just when I got to say I became a fast updater... well, I've been working at the local library to get money to get to sweden to see Gackt so I'll forgive myself.

*snorkl* why I laugh so hard ohg-
Fuka: must on tulluki ahkera :3 noeiees...
dragonfairy: oh!! thank you-! >u>
milk-assassin: HAHA yeah all the time, and yeah, that's how ultimate manga is going to be like (someday in the future pfft) :oo
Pico: ololo
roflmfao and this was getting so serious already

ygyhyhygyyhhg richard you're great
...N-Nokku? what happened to you?? D::..
don't hate james, guys :c he's a human too

ja piksukka tääl antelee tyhjii lupauksii :C tän jälkee stein tekee itsemurhan ja james jää bussin alle ja kaikki muutki kuolee iha vaa solidaarisuudest eiku