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Not much to say, really. I'm just a guy who likes to draw and sprite in his freetime.

I'm rather average when it comes to spriting and comic-making. I've been working on a few of my old sprites to make them look less like horrible edits.
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No! Don't listen to her, man! All that pastry will go straight to your thighs! D:
Ah, the night watch. Generally a somewhat peaceful time to relax and sort through one's thoughts. A time to plan one's schedule for the coming dawn. Maybe perhaps, play a soothing song on an instrument to help pass the time and lull everyone to a gentle sleep...

*Pulls out bagpipes*
A pie with a halo over it? Hmm... They must taste heavenly. :3
Liquid diet? So that means you can only eat (drink?) soups and stuff, right? Aww, that's gotta suck. :/

I think the shading looks fine (Though it does disappear in the third panel, for some reason, lol).

I like Vexx's expression in the last panel. Seems he shares Bruce's opinion on which of the girls is the nicer one, though. :P
Hmm... I think I have an idea of who "they" are. If they're who I think they are, then I'm sure we'll be seeing them very soon. :P

On an unrelated note, I think that Vexx and Mack should consider taking up Volleyball sometime. From that first panel, I'd imagine they'd be very good at it, lol.

A snow day in spring? Well, that's unexpected, but certainly possible. When it starts snowing in Summer, then you start worrying. :P
A bit late, but happy belated birthday, nonetheless. Glad to hear that your surgery went well, too. :P

From that last panel, it seems that the Princess doesn't quite know what to think of Vexx. Might have something to do with how often and effortlessly he switches from being serious to cracking jokes.
Tatl used Jump Kick!
It's super effective!

...On a more serious note, it seems that Cloud might be a bit confused on exactly what gender Medli is.
Sorry to hear about your surgery being postponed, dude. Ah well, that's life for ya. Never know what's gonna happen next. >_>

Heh, Bruce sounds pretty upset about the decision. Maybe someone ought to fix him another cup of tea?
The Mirror of Truth reminds me of something from Okami, for some reason. Must be the fog-like pattern in the glass, lol.
That Alt Text...
xD Seriously, it's one of the funniest things I've read/imagined in a long time!
Something tells me we haven't seen the last of Mr. Squirtle, here... *shifty eyes*

I mean, look at him! That dazed expression... he's obviously plotting something!
Obviously that Squirtle must be related to Dr. Robotnik/Eggman from the classic Sonic games. :3
Heh, gotta love exploiting loopholes. :P
Uh oh, looks like the Princess might have broken Vexx.
Silly Silver!
Don't you know it's called "magma" when it's underground? :3

Joking aside, that is a pretty awesome background. Wasn't expecting the Cave of Flames to be the next dungeon. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next! ^_^
@redmage777: A Miracle Berry is a berry from the original G/S/C games which would heal any status ailment.

Heh, I like that Hysame is just as surprised as Silver is at Mack's generosity.
Do a barrel roll, Hysame! It's your only chance! D:
You know, I think this is the first time we've actually seen a proper town in the comic. :O

Lol, for some reason I immediately thought of the Talus Cave symbol when I saw that hoofprint.
Quite odd...
The comic's been updated, yet it tells me the last update was 12 days ago. Weird. O_o

Heh, gotta love that last panel. Time to poke some fun at the princess on the way back, is it? :P
Hmm... I may decide to pop in with Neo and Richie sometime in the future. Don't get your hopes up though, as I don't do a lot of Sprite Comics lately. :/