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Shocking moment indeed.
Wow, I've never saw the movies with the commentary, so I can't really say anything other than EWGH! at Billy Boyd's comment. Seriously, that's disturbing on so many levels.
*Takes 10d6 pun damage*
Also, *shakes head at Mike's sleeping habits*.

I don't think the page's bad at all. I like it.

Hah, that's true. And it's even worse, because nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! (yes, quoting Monty Phyton is nerdy, I know :P)
This takes Casual Fridays to a whole new level.
But no, I didn't see that one coming. Funny how they correctly guessed she wasn't going to comply and had the foresight of bringing a sack. Also, I absolutely love the fact that they left her a cup of coffee she can't drink in the last panel. Now that's torture!
One of the most common grammar mistakes I've seen.
Though I suppose it counts as spelling, too, since you're technically misspelling your intended word. Anyhow, yeah, errors on official posters or similar texts really irk me. Also, have fun in the island, you two.

Well, then think of it as being androgynous and it becomes something positive, right? Good!
I know, sometimes you really can't tell if it's them or an instrument. Hah! A policeman?! Unbelievable! (And hilarious, too) You have some very strange policemen then...
Nope, this page isn't making things any better.
Not only does it look even worse, now it sounds kinky! What the hell are they planning to do with her? I really can't wait to see what happens next.

I hardly think it IS what it looks like, or you might be breaking the PG rating...

Yeah, we can all tell that from her face.
Huh, that reminds me of the first Nerdalert comic...
...when I commented on the androgyny of one of the characters without realising it was you. But don't worry, it happens a lot with girls that wear their hair short. People are stupid, and they expect girls to conform to an old stereotype.

Oh, then I wouldn't have got it anyway! ;P
Good to hear that you weren't offended, though you're probably much more graceful than me.
Holy freakin' crap! That group is awesome! I went through a video frenzy, hearing stuff from "You Give Love A Bad Name" to "Poison". I didn't imagine they'd mimic the instruments! Thanks a ton for the link, by the way.

Ironically, I also confused one of the male singers (the long-haired blonde) with a woman.
I might be reading this very, very wrongly, but...
...whenever a bunch of scantly-clad people yell "surprise" my mind heads straight for the gutter. XP Sparky's impression of a deer before headlights is particularly good. And Win's look is, like I said in the last comic, Made Of Pure Win (pun intended). She's definitely not a morning person, is she?
Yeah, like that's not ominous...
I like Win's face in the first panel, it conveys her feelings perfectly. Also, I get the feeling that not even Penny knows...
I think the only reasonable comment here is "...what?"
I'm sure I'd find it a whole more funny if I actually understood the punchline. The facial expressions were hilarious, though.

Shandr: Oh, sorry, didn't mean to imply you were clumsy or anything (though I remembered the yoga comic... :P), but I must've missed you were going downhill. In which case, double ouch!
I still have a hard time imagining the very concept of a cappella rock'n'roll, to be honest...
Well, at least it wasn't your heart that failed...
...because it would've had much worse results. Although, perhaps exercising would've improved your reflexes, allowing you to catch yourself in time to avoid harm.

A cappella Rock'n'Roll?!! I have to investigate that...
That's exceedingly creepy.
Honestly, I can't tell which is creepier, if Penny or Mr. Moo. Either way, randomness seems like a staple figure of this comic. I like it.

Oh, lucky you, I have to study Physics for the rest of this year and the next (who would've thought Biochem would have so much Physics in it?).
Then do so! Randomness rules, remember? :)
Hah, I do the same...
...and I have the same reaction. By the way, I really like your expression on the first pannel. It's comedy gold.
Economics: The science that causes the most suicides in the world.
Ah, I remember Economics class. It was awful, since I was more of a Science guy. I have to say I chuckled for quite a bit of time over your comic. The stick figure was really hilarious.

Oh, right! The necrophiliac kiss! Yes, now I remember.

Hahahah! Yeah, I live Down Under (thanks for giving me an excuse to use the term as well!), all the way down in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The weather's exceedingly hot for my tastes. It doesn't even snow in the winter!

Yeah, you could try the female form of harakiri (can't remember the proper name at the moment), where you slice your own throat instead (because disemboweling oneself is very unladylike :P).
Woohoo! Just what I needed after the big truckload of failure that was my Physics test yesterday! Nice work on the blood, by the way. I like the contrast.

Also, I'm sure you could always say that Alex has got Wolverine's healing powers and make it canon. :P

Great, I'll let you know as soon as I find the proper context. BRING IT ON, WE SHALL SEE WHO SMUSHES WHOM! In the friendliest manner, of course! ;)
Read to tests?
Hm, never heard of them. But I have to admit that's a very comfortable position, unlike what one would think at first glance. Hah, a surprise, I bet it's going to be good.

Oh, yeah, that scene was brimming with subtext. There was one part (can't remember exactly where it was) where I thought "OMFG! Necrophilia! Necrophilia!"

Huh, you're right. I had never thought about it that way.

I definitely will. But there's still a pile of random books I bought last Summer (it's almost Winter here right now) that I haven't had the chance to read yet...

Perhaps you're excited because harakiri is such a cool way to kill yourself? :P
He really wasn't the only one...
I mean, I thought that in the Return of the King when Legolas claims that he loves Aragorn, and quickly tries to save face by saying "everyone grows to love him" or something like that... But yeah, that's a lot of HoYay right there.

Well, yeah, but then you have the problem of people who don't understand the languages...
No, I haven't, though I've been told they're quite good. I should read them some time.
I wouldn't know, but I suppose that superhero movies do tend to have really awful plots...
Yeah, I'm going to steal that for some of my winged characters, if you don't mind. :D

Yes! You're confused, I win! :P
Universal language. Huh.
Well, I prefered to invent my own languages for my novel, but I can see how using real-world languages might've been simpler and easier. But really, German Vampires? I have to admit that's a new one.

Hah, well, I'm not a fan of Wolverine or lumberjacks, but I like X-men in general. I heard the plot was awful, though.
That's... very expressive of you. Must've made it very interesting for those around you. :P

Yeah, I should get around to watching it some time...
Ah, yes. The urge to kill.
Quite understandable. Wouldn't want to be in her position. Yes, I will leave it deliberately ambiguous as to who am I talking about. ;)

Well, he wasn't able to pull it off so well in some of his books. But I agree it's a good trick to have around.