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I think the basic idea is that once Sahwit recovers, he confesses. To get the charge reduced from 'murder' to 'manslaughter' or something, since his intention was burglary rather than killing.
@Nirvana star: There we go. I assume that's the part you were talking about.
@Guest: Well, yes, but it's at least someone guilty going to death. Sometimes you've proven your client is innocent beyond a reasonable doubt, but not according to the law. So your client is sentenced to death anyway.
@Hero of Comedy: Hence why people who aren't in Japan tend to go with it being set in America, since that's where the localized versions say it is. If you like, you can say that 'Gyakuten Saiban' is set in Japan, but 'Ace Attorney' is set in America.

This contradiction gave me an issue when I first played the game. Because it's set in America, although I had absolutely no idea of that at the time, but I live in Britain. And the time difference between Britain and France is only one hour, so even if I had thought of time differences, I would have been stuck.

Luckily, it was easy enough to get it right through the brute force way of showing each piece of evidence, since there wasn't much evidence to go through.
I just realized something.

Even if you were to entertain the thought that Sahwit didn't do it... that outburst about how Larry did it would bring up questions about Sahwit having a grudge against Larry for some reason. So you could probably get the testimony thrown out on the basis that the witness' bias is affecting his testimony.

Then all you need to do is to prove that Larry didn't do it, which would be easy, considering Payne has no concrete evidence that Larry DID do it, other than that the victim was seeing other women, which, as Phoenix pointed out earlier, Larry had no idea of, and that Larry had visited the apartment earlier. But Payne wouldn't be able to prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that Larry did it, considering the statue doesn't have any fingerprints and that no-one who can be trusted to give an unbiased testimony saw him.
@ForestFire: Oh, it gets worse than that. I doubt it exactly counts as a spoiler, since it's not important to the story... but at one point, Gumshoe calls Phoenix "Hairy Butz", I'm pretty sure.
@GhostmanSP: Well, since I've been summoned...

My guess it that the last comic will be Lan waking up and it all being a crazy dream he had before the tournament even started, Mega Man will tell Lan that he needs to get up and get ready because he's late for said tournament, and that'll be the end. The tournament will just be a regular tournament, no drama, no evil plots.
@PhoenixFurno: If Serenade had a backup, they wouldn't need the message that was sent to Mamoru after they was deleted. Because they could just be brought back via back-up.

As for why they don't have a back-up... probably for the same reason Mega Man doesn't and Zero didn't, maybe their programming is simply too complex for a proper back-up to be made.
FIRST (non-author) COMMENT!

Oh wait I should probably actualy have something to say.
....I'm betting that both Dusk and Anetta are going to have AntiSword chips in their folders...?

...yeah that'll do.
@Omegaxis1: It may well be that Iris is an intergral part of the program. It might have the issue of constantly causing damage to CopyMan due to the limitations of him, and Iris just constantly repairs that damage. And Regurk has already stated that he doesn't actually know if it'll be successful.

To be honest though, less likely things have happened in Battle Network. Like Wily surviving his apparent death three times, Regal surviving the fall from the top of NAXA, Lan and Sean surviving the MASSIVE amounts of radiation without any health issues...

Also, keep in mind that Regurk was the one to create CopyMan in the first place. He knows CopyMan and his programming better than anyone else. If anyone would be able to make a program to change CopyMan's programming in this way, it would be him.

And it may just be a case of it being a series based off a children's game, where you're not meant to think too much about it.
Yeah, Adrian's still pretty swole, even if he's reduced to human strength.
@Omegaxis1: Probably the reason for the upgrade. If it wasn't possible beforehand, chances are it'd take some pretty good programming to pull it off. Maybe it's part of why he wanted Iris. And requiring the memory stored might just be specific to Mega Man's abilities, since Copyman never actually met Gutsman, but was still able to copy him and his abilities perfectly in MMBN3. And he already has the data of almost every Navi after one of his attacks on the Mother Computer. Also, MegaMan's Style Change is a bit different, coming from a different program that Lan's dad used a program called 'Chng.bat' to make. Not to mention MegaMan was made, what, a decade ago? Back when Hub died? Science could have made huge leaps and bounds since then, and CopyMan would need a lot of memory to store the data of all those navis to begin with.
@Omegaxis1: As Riskfan said, existing sprites. Chances are it doesn't mean anything.

And then Copyman exploded and Regurk realized that he never backed up Copyman to begin with, so his plans were foiled. THE END. :3
@NeoPhantom: Assuming that I'm a Navi with a back-up. Are Viruses other than Zero even actually self-aware?
Eh, even if I were a Navi, that wouldn't really scare me. I'd be brought back, so from my perspective, it'd be like it never happened.
Elijah will catch her though! She ain't no gingerbread man!
@Nirvana star: ...shush I'm smart and totally didn't misread it. >.>
@Omegaxis1: All I'm gonna say is that you don't actually have any proof that they haven't checked the Mother Computer. It's probably the first thing they did once Copyman left. Can't show everything that happens in the comic, otherwise it'd drag on forever and be boring. After all, Pharoahman didn't show Mayl sleeping, so are we simply to assume that she was awake all night?

And as Miyto mentions, it's easier to hack into a system than it is to find bugs in software you didn't personally design. Hikari is spending time with his family and focusing on the tournament, Regal was working on restoring Zero, so he may still be fiddling with Zero's data to see if he can restore his memories.
@LovedDarkLonelinessEevee: You need to stop using Bass' ability to copy data of powerful as a sign of his strength. Serenade can't absorb or copy data because they were not designed with the ability to do so. Bass was. So saying that Serenade is not as powerful as Bass because Bass can absorb data is like saying a shark is less powerful that a hawk because the hawk can fly. It might not be inaccurate, but the fact that the hawk can fly, and can use that to do things the shark cannot, does not necessarily mean it is more powerful.

Nor is pointing out that Mega Man and Proto Man succumbed to their Dark Souls, considering both can fight and defeat Bass in the games.

Not to mention you point out Bass has gotten stronger since MMBN3, at some point beforehand he nearly deleted Serenade. Considering Serenade is in one of the toughest areas in MMBN3, with the toughest viruses, not to mention they were likely still performing duties as the Underking, even if they were no longer technically the Underking. So do you really think Serenade just sat around and did nothing, didn't get any more powerful?

Bass fought once against Serenade, and lost. Even if Bass did get more powerful, he never would have gotten through Serenade's aura and would have lost. He only won because of Sean. Hence why he spent the first half of the fight on the receiving end of a curb stomp. If Bass had been on his own, he would have lost. Even if Serenade had been on their own too.

And clearly, something changed with Bass when he absorbed Serenade's data. And like I mentioned, the source of Serenade's power was mercy. And in taking Serenade's power into his body, he likely took in Serenade's mercy as well. It's not a case of Serenade's data overpowering Bass, because Bass took the data into his body willingly. Serenade's data may not be able to dictate exactly what Bass does, but it will be able to influence his actions and interfere, since he took it willingly into his body, so it's not invading, it's already there.

Even if you are right, and Bass is more powerful than Serenade... Doesn't mean Bass is the one who is always going to win a fight, whether a fight of will, a fight of violence... Or a fight against the data he absorbed into his own body.
@Omegaxis1: As GhostmanSP pointed out, the Battle Network series isn't known for the high security measures. Considering the fact that an elementary school student, one who doesn't seem too incredibly smart to boot, managed to get through the Mother Computer's security all the way to the brain of it.

In any case, you're trying to apply real world logic to a video game. Not to mention that the bugs could simply be very well hidden.