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I'm just a guy who likes webcomics, especially sprite ones.

My icon was made by my friend Thunder, who you can find here
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September 17th, 2019
September 17th, 2019
Adrian's a big boi
September 17th, 2019
Adrian can use puppy dog eyes! :o
September 17th, 2019
I already don't like Suzy.
I did the same thing. Sort of.

I came out of the cave, and noted the old man waiting down the path, but I wanted to explore before getting into storyline stuff. And since in other Zelda games, you only lose half a heart to a heart from fall damage, I just ran right off the cliff, planning to go explore around.

And died as soon as I hit the ground. ^^;

100 years to revive a nearly-dead Link... and then I kill him in 2 minutes.
Pfft I love the 3rd and 4th panels~
Or maybe it's like my idea on the one for that other Reborn that got killed, and their guardian was just late... and got yelled at for not protecting their Reborn.
To be fair, how was he meant to break news like that? "Yo, you know that girl Phoebe in your class? Totally a Reborn."
I mean, I know it's a typo, but Angela saying 'Why did you tell me' and then Adrian saying 'How did you know?!' just amuses me.
Something tells me Lyla would want a smartphone immediately if she knew what sort of things it could do. Might even improve it with magic.
It'd be rude to turn down eggs when someone's made them for you!

Even demons aren't THAT rude!
@Butterscotch: I mean

it's that time of year. :P
She has good fashion sense, choosing the colours of Waluigi.
@Magnus Archon: Seems like a bit of an extreme comparison, but I suppose I see your point.
@Magnus Archon: I mean, maybe it's just me, but that doesn't seem like enough of a reason? Like I said, as humans, they're really no risk to the Retsinis, so there is no point for them to basically waste their time on them. I think there is another reason that we haven't been told yet.
I still think there is something about the Reborns that we haven't been told.

I mean, why would the Retsinis want to kill them? Now that they're humans, chances are if they were left alone, they wouldn't be any threat. And even if the Naidraug attempted to recruit them, how many humans would want to join up with demons to fight other demons, when it really comes down to it?
"Dude decided to utilize forbidden magic without my permission and now he's entirely gone. Soul and all. Dude f*cked up massively.

Hope you're alright,

There we go!
I was going to say that it's debatable on whether or not if got better when it became an actual show... but I guess that does sound pretty terrible.
@Cave: I think that might be a bit too far for what is basically a first meeting. XP
With a guest appearance from ZASH! from The Reborn!