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@Omegaxis1: Dex didn't get that much sleep during the cruise, due to people constantly interrupting him, and him fighting Chaud.

...This could still be perceived as a shallow reason. He still wants to be better than Lan. And again, back in the beginning, Mega didn't have even Style Change. Yet he was still able to beat Gutsman time after time after time. And while Style Change is not as powerful as Double Soul, it is more permanent, since Double Soul is only a temporary boost. It's comparable to a less powerful version of Crosses, but it's still got a fair amount of punch behind it, considering the Charge attacks it gives.

Dex might 'deserve' a win, but he's probably not gonna get one.
@Poke fan 1: I doubt it. Miyabi would have noticed how fast his health was draining and would have acted accordingly. And considering Aqua's health was pretty much completely gone at that point? All ShadowMan would have needed was ONE lucky hit, not to mention if Miyabi had Undershirt on his NaviCust, ShadowMan would have survived.

And yes, if she predicted it would happen, things might have been different. But then again, if she predicted it would happen, it likely wouldn't have happened to begin with, since it was a spur of the moment thing.
@GhostmanSP: Yeah. Say what you want about Chaud, he's not one to go back on a promise.

@Bass_The_Ultimate: ... You didn't pay attention to the games, did you?

MMBN3 has the option of purposefully losing to Dex in front of Chisao. And Lan's never really been 'addicted' to winning. If he enters a competition, he will, of course, try to win it. Why else would he enter to begin with? And if he were 'soulless' he wouldn't even bother trying to resolve the incidents that he comes across in the games.
@BaconBub: I don't see why that is relevant? There are plenty of 12 year olds who are good at video games, bad, whatever. So I don't see what point you're trying to get at.

@Omegaxis1: Lan was outclassing Dex back in MMBN1 though, before all those upgrades. While Dex may have inproved since then, Lan hasn't exactly been stagnating or being lazy on his Netbattling skills.

As for the sleeping thing... Dex has spent a month on minimal sleep. I dunno if that would add up to the same as the longest record with no sleep, but Dex certainly did not have enough time to sleep for 14 hours, considering that's nearly double the regular amount of sleep.
@BaconBub: My advice for you would be to avoid Network Transmission. Although it's not exactly the most fitting thing, since it plays a lot differently. But it is very hard.
@Omegaxis1: I think the gulf between Lan and Dex's ability is just too great for Dex to ever really defeat Lan. It's a nice goal to have, but I doubt Dex will ever reach it. He'll hopefully be satisfied with the fight he put up here, and it might be close, but it's just not gonna be enough, I'm imagining. Plus, if he doesn't care about the rest of the tournament, he's not going to try that much against Chaud, which would make for a very boring next fight where Dex may just drop out after beating Lan anyway.

....Then again, that has brought another possibility to my mind.

Dex wins. Then he drops out, maybe he simply passes out from his exhaustion over the lack of sleep over the last, what was it, a month? That's not gonna go away overnight. And Lan's going to be allowed to go on to the next fight since Dex is unable to continue.
I'm guessing that has something to do with what Elijah did.

...admittedly though, Lyla is cute enough to cause some staring.
@Omegaxis1: Chances are it'll be a close battle, with Lan acknowledging that Dex has gotten a lot stronger, and that'll hopefully be enough to satisfy Dex, to be acknowledged as a worthy rival.
@Darkrider: Yeah, the early bosses, both FireMan and GutsMan were brutal in Network Transmission... NeedleMan and IceMan practically felt like breather bosses after those two. Let's just not talk about BrightMan and QuickMan, though.
Hooray for the Yes Princess! duo~!
I'm guessing Elijah meets his end in this chapter.
@Poke fan 1: I'm pretty sure Miyabi would have won either way. It wasn't the chips, it was a difference in fighters. Miyabi and Shadowman are ruthless and used to killing Navi. Shuko and Aquaman just couldn't match them. Shuko's right, she never really stood much of a chance to begin with, sometimes there is just a difference in skill which means the fight is pretty much decided before it starts.
September 30th, 2017
@Magnus Archon: Nah, I'm not in denial.

I think it's more a programming thing than a true anomaly. It's basically just a momentum thing, if you jump up, your have upwards momentum that slowly changes to down. When you simply walk off, you have no upwards momentum so it's just instantly maximum downwards. I can't remember if it's the same in subsequent games.
Nah, it's TOTALLY what you thought. He just noticed your reaction and decided to act like it wasn't. :P
September 29th, 2017
Eh, I'm sure he'll be fine, he's just being dramatic. Couple of band-aids, he'll be good as new.
September 29th, 2017
@Magnus Archon: She's not dead yet!

...or maybe I'm just in denial.
I think the basic idea is that once Sahwit recovers, he confesses. To get the charge reduced from 'murder' to 'manslaughter' or something, since his intention was burglary rather than killing.
@Nirvana star: There we go. I assume that's the part you were talking about.
@Guest: Well, yes, but it's at least someone guilty going to death. Sometimes you've proven your client is innocent beyond a reasonable doubt, but not according to the law. So your client is sentenced to death anyway.