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@Kristina Vera: No, we literally saw all that it entails back on the ship during the party. Dex showed it off against Chaud.
@Kristina Vera: We already got to see it.
Adrian, you're tempting fate a little there.
@Butterscotch: To be fair, there have only been 3 main villains.

My least favourite is the first, although that's mainly due to a lack of characterization due to him being killed off so early.
Where the heck did he come from, it doesn't look like there is a tree nearby for him to drop down out of.

Is Elijah Superman?

Being serious though, I think I have an idea on what the potion did now.
Typo on panel 4. "But he CAN'T still go into water and walk around"... in a panel where he is clearly proving the opposite. :P
And Anetta does something smart and wins!

And as someone else did, my predictions for the next round...

...Actually they're basically the same as Omega's. But whatever.

- Mega beats Guts after a tough fight, likely only hanging on with 1 HP and using HubStyle. But Dex at least has some satisfaction in backing Lan into a corner so he had to use HubStyle and brought him to the brink.
- Proto beats Shadow, somewhat spurred on by the events of Shadow Man's attack on the mother computer back in MMBN2, but again, it is a tough match.
- Bass beats StarMan... because it's fairly obvious StarMan won't win. All the writing trickery in the world couldn't tip it in StarMan's favour, really, but I'm sure StarMan will put up the best fight he can. And due to the side effects of absorbing Serenade's data, Bass spares StarMan.
- Colonel beats Plant, but it will be a surprisingly close match, as Anetta and PlantMan become an even better team. Unfortunately, they're still learning, and Baryl and Colonel are already a great team.
@Neobullseye: If he were using PopUp or Leaf Shield, they'd be able to see the hole/shield. Dropdown is a possibility. I think the vines were simply a decoy and Anetta and PlantMan are going to finish it in the next strip.
I was actually about to say, halfway through the comic, "Maybe that cocoon of vines is just a distraction"... but now I'm thinking about it, if Anetta is being super smart about this... maybe the cocoon ISN'T a distraction, but it's just so obvious that Feng-Tian thinks that it couldn't possibly be that. I mean, it makes sense, especially since she knows Feng-Tian isn't going to fall for super-obvious traps like using Grass Stage to tempt Feng-Tian into using a fire chip so she can spring double-damage Anti-Fire on him.
Jeez Adrian, get your shit together!
Trusting Anetta again? PlantMan, you KNOW that's a mistake waiting to happen!

although it'll probably end with Anetta's victory this time. But still.
@DracheLehre: Both Phoebe and Doug noticed it as well. Elijah said something about it not affecting Doug, so I'm assuming it either doesn't affect demons, or doesn't affect people who are both human and demon. Doug's half and half, and both Phoebe and Angela have demon souls.
@DracheLehre: Wasn't Phoebe aware that something was up too?
The robot Sonics are all pretty weird.

Sonic 2 had Silver Sonic.
Sonic CD had Metal Sonic.
Sonic and Knuckles had Mecha Sonic.

All attempts at making Sonic... yet only one of them was actually based around making something that could go fast.
@DaBrokor: He'll probably win, due to Anetta and PlantMan being more interesting characters then Feng-Tian And TenguMan. Plus, y'know, it looks like Anetta's gonna lose. So obviously she's not gonna.
Return of Eyebrow Man and the girl with the amazing fluctuating bra size~!
@NetBuster: Leaf Shield tends to work against anything in Battle Network. Best thing to do if it comes up in MMBN3 against Plantman is just to shoot at him with the buster. The most damage he'll regain then is 5, after all.
@Omegaxis1: You mean other than not deleting Mega Man after defeating him in their first encounter in MMBN3, and not killing Cossack when he had the chance to do so also in MMBN3?
to be fair they DID buy it.