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@Butterscotch: Heck, I'll admit that I forgot. ^^;
Oh wait. Wily, Bass, the Met... that's 3 who are gonna get sucked into the game to replace...

Also, shouldn't that be "pulled BY an outside force"?
@Cave: If I could really afford it right now, I would. But I really can't.
gdi Ivan. This is NOT going to look good on your yearly review. Especially if Phoebe dies.

...I imagine it's going to be revealed later on, but why are the Retsini even after the Reborn? They're humans now, it's not like they're any threat to them. Or is it simply to spite the Naidraug?
gdi bowser

Let's be honest here though, how many people forgot that was the reason Bowser kidnapped all those people?
@Butterscotch: Because that's obviously what the spell did. It gave him the power of lolcats!
@Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X: Well, you can kill Wily straight out in 4, using rain flush after you beat the Wily machine. The game simply doesn't progress then. Mega Man is sentenced to the empty room as his punishment for breaking the laws of robotics.

So I imagine the game would just refuse to progress past the point where Wily would show up.

Bringing that up though, having two instances of the hero character might make the game glitch and crash. Whether that would kill them or sentence them to a fate worse than death, who knows?
Will Bass considering it 'killing' Mega Man though? Because he won't die, he'll just be trapped.
Elijah: oh hai gaiz how's it going?
"He's faster than I thought."
"Nah I'm slow as fuck dude."
@Butterscotch: I regret nothing!
I knew that squirrel was up to no good!
@BaconBub: ...I don't think you know what that term means.
@SpecterHSC: Squirrel is best character. Obviously gonna be top vote in the next popularity poll.
"That's not what I wanted to ask... There's this guy, Adrian... We have a bet going on. Do you think my eyebrows are better than his?"

Also, spoiler alert: That squirrel isn't human either.
@Magnus Archon: Live with me if you want to come.
The outburst doesn't seem that out of character for me. At this point he's still fairly similar to Von Karma, and he's generally used to trials going his way with him in control the whole time. If he loses control, especially with someone like the man who was with Miss May adding extra risk, I can see him losing his cool and saying something like that, considering what he is like at this point in the series.

@Golb989: Character development. Not to mention when they made the first game, they weren't actually expecting to make a second game, let alone a game with Edgeworth being the protagonist.