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I'm just a guy who likes webcomics, especially sprite ones.

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Wow, Lyla is SHORT.
At least Celeste is putting on a brave/happy face~
@RazorD9: I think you've mistaken the comments section for Facebook...
To be fair, I agree with Science Dude. It'd be weird if he just took advantage of his wife to do medical experiments. Although it's kinda weird that he's doing medical experiments on his wife to begin with.
To be fair, that is how the Golden Rod bug catching contests work. You get the Pokémon you catch. Which is good, I think the only place you can get Scyther/Pinsir is from the bug catching contest. Although eventually you have to have a separate Pokémon for the bug catching contest, because otherwise your Pokémon are way too strong, and False Swipe doesn't work that well, since the condition the Pokémon's caught it contributes to their score.
Oh dear... Celeste's gonna need a long talk with Angela when she gets back.

I mean, there was always going to be a long talk, but now it might be a bit more complicated.
uh oh
"Are you a boy? Or a girl?"
Well, at least Cyan seemed to be somewhat worried about Scarlet. So maybe he's not a complete jerk.
...Wait. Didn't Scarlet say earlier that she'd been trying the Safari thing for six months?
Yeah, DJ beat me to this.
@161616: I don't recall them ever saying anything to that effect, dude. Not to mention if they had, the comic's status would likely be 'cancelled' rather than 'on hiatus'.
D'aww, Celeste is still the cutest adult ever~
Awh, don't sulk, Luke!

Angela's really gonna have a lot to explain when this is over and done with...
You need to be a bit more specific Lyla. He won't be back to normal if he's dead.
I think the Scyther was eaten.

Most trainers would be PISSED, due to how rare shiny Pokémon are.
@ffx2player: Also keep in mind that while 16 counts as an adult to the Naidraug (and I think Butters said that in Angela's state it's the age of consent?) Angela still isn't technically an adult.

Also, while... I think the age gap is 5 years? Maybe more? ...while 5 years might not be THAT much... it is just under a third of Angela's age.
"Well I have to say, your friend isn't making a very good first impression. He's bleeding all over the carpet, do you know how hard it is to wash blood out of carpet, young lady?"