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@Darius Drake: I'm not even sure if that would do it. And it's not like it's small, you'd notice it even if it was in the pocket and you were putting it in the wash, and even if you thought it was a box of bolts. That wouldn't be good for the washing machine if you put a box of bolts in there, after all.
Seriously, how the heck did Wily manage to break one of those indestructible grey boxes?
I'VE FIGURED IT OUT. She's not dead. She just had shoplifted some tomatoes, and kept them under her sweater.

Elijah just REALLY hates tomatoes.
I dunno if I blame PlantMan or Anetta more for that... I mean, sure, Anetta COULD have come up with something to help, but PlantMan should really know better.
@Magnus Archon: That's part of why I'm hoping she's alive. Most people would think that someone is dead with that much blood there. But that doesn't necessarily mean she is dead.
"You give up quietly, we give you back Bass."
...I'm hoping that "She's dead" is just someone panicking.
@Butterscotch: Well, I mean, way back when I did say that the protector of a particular Reborn only got in trouble when their Reborn actually did die.

What I said specifically was that they were going to get yelled at about it. Way back on page 371.

took a little bit of searching to find exactly what I said... ^^;
Also featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series.
@Nirvana star: Fair enough. I haven't made any comics so I wouldn't know about stuff like that.
I was going to point out that he hasn't actually won every trial he's had because [SPOILERS]... but luckily, they only mention him not having lost a trial before.
Would Mia be allowed to represent Maya? They're related after all.
Looks like the time when Mr Sahwit struck Ms Stone dead was...
*puts on sunglasses*
DEAD wrong.
@Luigi_96: Y'mean Edgeworth? Because that's technically the last prosecutor you face in the first game.

Nah, I know who you mean though. I think they just wanted him to sound intimidating.
Ash actually having some common sense, what? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!

At least there was a reason for Mach to not tell BlastMan the plan. There really was no time, FireMan would have roasted them before he could get halfway through it.
He forgot to verify his kill. So I can have the very slim hope that she's still alive.

...Ivan's definitely getting fired for this, though.
Might have fooled Lan if he hadn't added 'and stuff'.