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I think the Scyther was eaten.

Most trainers would be PISSED, due to how rare shiny Pokémon are.
@ffx2player: Also keep in mind that while 16 counts as an adult to the Naidraug (and I think Butters said that in Angela's state it's the age of consent?) Angela still isn't technically an adult.

Also, while... I think the age gap is 5 years? Maybe more? ...while 5 years might not be THAT much... it is just under a third of Angela's age.
"Well I have to say, your friend isn't making a very good first impression. He's bleeding all over the carpet, do you know how hard it is to wash blood out of carpet, young lady?"
Well, guess Phoebe is actually dead. Dang.

Ooooh dear, Angela's probably gonna hafta spill the beans on having a demon soul to explain this. ...Although Adrian is pretty much reduced to normal human levels at the moment, if the spell is still in effect, so maybe not.
Hooray for Angela's cute mom showing up again~!
I dunno if I would say Elijah didn't deserve this... he at the very least, had it coming, doing what he did. He knew it was either victory or oblivion.

Still feel kinda sorry for him, though.
Huh. Doesn't the lizard guy just eat the bug, or am I mistaking it for the fishing contest?
January 24th, 2018
Yeah, Cygnus is right, Water itself is not a very good conductor, if it conducts electricity at all. It's usually impurities and other things that are in the water that conduct the electricity. H2O itself doesn't really conduct electricity though.
And nowadays I can't look at this without seeing Mandy in the last panel as Sans.
That's the funny thing about avenging... if the person were still alive, or knew what was going on, they wouldn't WANT to be avenged.
@Butterscotch: Well, considering Elijah's dead now, yeah, he does have good reason to be disappointed.
Earl looks disappointed.
@DracheLehre: Maybe her magic isn't demonic related.

Both Poofy and Angela do not get demon eyes when they use magic. Maybe as well as having a demon soul, she was born a magical prodigy, and just never needed said powers until demons started, y'know, trying to kill her.
I just get the feeling that a lot of the adults in the Pokémon universe are really, REALLY dumb.

Heck, that everyone is dumb other than the player characters. Trainers having several of the same Pokémon doesn't really help them at all, after all.
Hooray for Wattson!

He's a complete and utter pain to fight, but he's still fun.
It's ALWAYS Retsinis. gosh dang retsinis, always causing trouble.

Lyla has sharp teethies
I'm guessing that has something to do with what Elijah did.

...admittedly though, Lyla is cute enough to cause some staring.
Hooray for the Yes Princess! duo~!