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5'4". Asian. Wish I could draw as well as a my stereotype.

My likes:
Books. Fairy tales and mythology. Asian horror films. Psychological thrillers. Manga/Anime. Sheet music. Disney. Chekhov. Bookstores. RPG games. Pumpkin pie.

Reading. Writing. Scribbling/doodling. Thinking/Blanking out. Making lists. Attempting to play the piano.


Pie > Cake


Drowning under relentless waves of tests and quizes.

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I love the pokeballs.
.....*stares hard at middle panel*

40 winks
February 22nd, 2009
I'm loving how creepy and twisted the staircase is the first panel. It feels like she's traveled to another world rather than her basement.
Also love how you drew the smoky, exploding lightbulb. <3