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Sup. I'm Remmy.
Or Rem. Or Remrem.
Or Whatever you feel like I don't really mind.

I haven't sprited in years and I tend to draw more often than not, but I promise I'm still around. Sort of. Kind of.

My DA is Remmis-AppleMaster and I'm more active there, and on Tumblr if you ever needed to get my attention.
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    Call me Remmy.
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Honestly the expressions are literally the best past of Blader.
Perhaps the only good thing- //sLAPPED

>Payment will come after the job! We have a mission here we need to fulfill, and Baf should've thought about discussing that beforehand!
>>And as a side note, how much money DO you have? Do you have an inventory to check??
billie for new shouty bar bouncer

>make a quip about how YOU're the boss here and YOU're the one make witty jokes, not him!!
Also inspect the area for like.. a bathroom or something where you can like. Wash your hands. And entire being.
@Royle McCulloch: Clip Studio Paint! =3
I'm p happy with this so I wanted to upload this here!! This is Gywn, one of my <s>MANY MANY</s> characters.
I don't wanna go super in detail to her story but she's a fire demon and here she's cclearly angry abt smthn.
What is she angry about? ?? ? We just don't know

I enjoy drawing fire a lot. It's therapeutic, even if its not the best.

Enjoy angry fire demon 8D

<s>//spams art to get some activity here</s>
Vas I cannot believe you sldkfhjsdlhj
Like I can. I've read the comic but


Sooo... I've been spriting lately! Wild!!!
I've been planning on submitting some characters to Bar'd and Echo here is the first to actually get a sprite sheet! I love her a lot and despite the mistakes here and there I've genuinely had a lot of fun spriting lately!!

.. Maybe because I do literally all my spriting at work in between calls so I have nothing else to do.

And it feels nice and productive on slow days so that's a plus.

So yeah!! This is Echo and I love her a lot c:
Okay but Vas holding Sheila is actually really cute c:
If my boyfriend was a giant nocturne twice my size I too would demand lifts at all times.

.. also

>//Pointedly// ignore the chiselled demon goat and go about your own business, reading the billboard advert.
If you update in 2020 I'm leaving forever. 8I

I love the expressions so, so much like I LOVE that third to last Lex?? I know I said it a lot when you were working on it but ITS JUST SO GOOD.

(Also Orange sCREAMING AAAAAAAAAAAAA in the background is just my eternal mood)

Also that's a big snek.
Big, big snek to deal with.


i will only accept thanks in giant sword forms from now on
I think my favourite thing about this is his lying down pose and how he’s just staring at his halo 8D

These look great though!! Makes me wanna try and make a Sprite sheet again C:<
I don't wanna spam Reidys with my trash art
So I'm back on RR, posting stuff to SJ again! 8D

So waaayyy back, I used to be obsessed with bunnies *w*
And waaaayyy back, I made a bunch of fake Yugioh cards on some website, and one of them was Remmis - Bunny Form with some random ass photo of a cute bunny from google 8D;;

And I was showing my friends this, and ofc one of my friends made a stupid edit of the card of an actual bunny Remmis and because I am stupidly attached to my stupid blob Remmis, I wanted to draw her with actual bunny ears.

So here she is! 8D

I wasn't bothered to shade but I gave her some cute pink coloured lines instead 8D
@Whip the Rabbit: Pls stop trying to assassinate me I need time to make sprites before I even consider remaking it- I mean.

When I’m dead.

.... yeah. >>
@Smiffy SMF <3: If I ever revive RSL you'll be the first to know 8D
I'm still not gonna revive RSL 8D
But I will draw dumb shit for it bc I'm honestly enjoying myself and haven't done this much art in ages!
I have a super bad wrist and it hurts a lot, so my ability to do art is often dictated by how bad my wrist is feeling, but recently I've been feeling good which is great because I've been nostalgic as all hell and I wanna draw for it c:

So here's Lyssa and Remmis in a sonic-ish style (which I continue to be awful at 8D;;)! I was originally gonna have them posing in front of the main outside of the Lobby, but there was no way to make that look nice, so I just left them be~!
Shame, since I got the backgrounds up and everything c:

Anyway, Lyssa isn't a pink recolour anymore but she's a pink edgy piece of shit and I love her nonetheless c:
<s>Why is the brightly coloured one a piece of shit and the greyscale one a bright happy???</s>

But yeah!! I'll stop spamming my art now and leave things settle for a bit, sorry!! 8D;;;
@Smiffy I'll revive RSL when i'M DEA D

@Breaker Hi! 8D
Long time no see!
Because I'm a nostalgic piece of garbage I was looking through old sprites, and as Marly commented on my other comic, Remmis used to be some weird blob thing. Not because that was what she looked like, but because I couldn't sprite her actual look, so weird blobby Remmis just became her look lol

I affectionately refer to her as Blob Remmis, and here she is with her proper counterpart, and what Remmis should look like 8D
They're both weird noodly things with weird anatomy I can't quite nail down (Blob Remmis being a more sonic-type body, whereas Remmis has really long and weird limbs and looks out of proportion at all times). Still! Despite this only meant to have started as a doodle I'm happy with it.
And its... really obviously quick and lazy shading 8D;;;

.. And as a side note, I seem to be fond of doing old vs new things often because I also have one with Lyssa and Remmis being snarky shits to each other. Fun 8D;;

<s>I also remembered how to HTML in author comments I'm proud of myself</s>
<s>I also remembered how often I ramble in author comments I'm so sorry</s>
Hi hello! 8D
Hello my name is Rem and my wrist hurts so I can't make this look any nicer BUT I DID SOMETHING NEW YEAH GO ME!

So like as tempted as I was to just spam all my past Easter Comics (which is a tradition that started here on SJ), I figured it's June so no, and also no one wants to see that so I wanted to draw something new!

And because I'm a nostalgic piece of garbage of course I'm throwing back to that one time I got kicked out when Gadda took over. 8D
Alsooo I was going to draw Whip the Rabbit but I was talking about Whip. As in. Like. THE NOT RABBIT. So I drew him as I draw him when I draw us doin stuff because it made more sense to me or something idk leave me alone 8D;;;;;;;

But yeah!
I do art now, mostly. I'm actually working on a sprite project as well though, so whenever I get that done as well I'll defs be posting that here!

Also disclaimer: I am not //actually// offended I'm just being silly. 8D
REIDY OH MY GODDD!!!! HI!!!!!!!!!!
I'm like. Dead here but I will deadset live again if it means Reidy.

I'm stupidly excited over this and I shouldn't be this excited but I missed you! It's so nice to hear from you, after you dropped off the face of the internet 8D;;

I don't really sprite, I just do art here and there but uh.



AAAaaa thO EVERY TIME 400 UPDATES ITS SO HYPE BUT SCREECHES ANGRILY I'm so mad I hope Sheila will be ok I hope she doesn't become roast lamb