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*Knows a bit of Chemistry* Does that mean nail polish remover is his weakness? Nail Polish Remover will get rid of adhesives.
Lesson of the Day : Don't steal Chocolate from Homeless Guys.
Back from Exams! Now I have the summer to update :D
Looks like the two mysterious people are the strongest guys in the series
The ball. . .could it be? Space Core? Is that you?
Happy Memorial Day!
Happy belated rapture day, everyone!
He sorta does look like a gorilla...

Aside from that, Thank you all for fav+'ing this comic as we have now exceeded 100 fans!! WOO!
Gorillas are hard to draw D:
Light can be affected by Gravity. Light is simply consisted of photons moving at very high velocities. These Photons can be pulled back due to the enormous gravitational pull generated by a star.
I want a moped ;_;
@Twentydragon Well that depends if it is attached to your portal gun or not. If it is, then it generates about 1.6 volts according to "Portal 2"
Back when the Soviets were first starting the space program, they "pretended" to launch several men into space. They "caught" the men re-entering the Earth's atmosphere and who ever answered to the press the best was going up for a second go. Yuri Gagarin fit the bill.
I'm not much of a prankster, so enjoy the new page. And also, Happy April Fools!
In the second part of the flip, Nello's hand is on the guys shoulder. So he's not magically flying through the air in a flip-like motion
The Bloodhounds!!
Wow. Thank you for all of the favs+

The "graffiti" says Nello Red, the name of the protagonist.
Thanks so much for faving. :D
Starting a new comic!!
Maybe the Pikachu will also smoke Atty's cigarettes.