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this is absolutely adorable, lol. I love all the humor so far. Keep up the great work.
amaizing art by the way ^^
Lazy. Sorry.
amazing colors. love it so far. +fav
I think she's going to get a hair cut.. lol. Her curls are WAY TOO ANNOYING to draw.
This wasn't supposed to take so long, haha. TT;; I would have had the page up last week, but everytime I drew this page photoshop kept quitting on me. I had to draw it like, 5 times and I finally managed to save it. xD; Also, if you wondering why Alex is so tall all of a sudden, it's because in previous panels he was chibified or slumping.
i honestly and truly love your style.
i've noticed you seem fond of perspective. i envy your talent to draw it, because i myself while adoring the idea, can't do it for shit lool.
Thanks for the comments so far, and the favs you guys. I really do appreciate it. ^^ Uhm, it will get interesting within the next four pages or so, I promise!
your art is beautiful.
simply amazing, yess?
Im loving the story so far, all characters are very endearing. keep it up. n_n
The japanese by Alex says "furufuru". He's shivering. And beside Miyako it says "nikkori". She's smiling. ^^
I thought I'd say this in case you get confused. ^^ You read it from right to left.
Okay so... the first page is, admittedly, disgusting. I was very tired and rushing because I wanted to get to the good stuff. Uhm, as you can probably tell I was more awake, and I took more time when I drew this page. ^__^;
New comic I drew out and decided to upload.. it's more or less sketches, so please don't expect the quality to get much better than this. ^^