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Oscar Wilde quote, bro!! He;s a legend.

Also, fabulous comic, by the way! I really do love it.
Oh fuck, that was amazing. You MUST do more.

And was I the only one to notice the little story that appeared after you hover over each page for a sec? it was almost as awesome as the actual comic \o/
Holy shit dude.

Whats happening?
Hehe, such a great comic. And extra points for it not having sprites!!
Keep up the updates, man.
Haha, oh gosh, I can totally relate to all these problems. Also, I love Links sarcastic expression.
Dude, this is amazing.

But am I the only one who thought "LEGEND OF ZELDA WIND WAKERfffff" the second I read the first page?
Mint the Unicorn!!! But there all so cute ♥