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Surrounded by stupidity, frilly clothing and pointless drama I receded from the world. Falling in to those who take solace in Dungeons and Dragons, consider building robots the only worthy sport and do math for the fun of math, I became a geek. Now, going to a school whose teachers organize World of War craft competitions and whose only sports are "sports of the mind," I am at home and want to share that home with the other world.
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This Comic is still happening
Believe it or not, this comic has not fallen away. It still nags at me constantly but it seems closer to breaking free and being done.
Peek into our life
As you will note from the background, my return home generally means mess++; The pamphlet on the table is the life from birth to death of my great-grandfather. He was 93 and awesome! ^^
Inspirations & Copyations
The conversation that went with this was on my computer when I got home and it reminded me of a certain style (*cough* homestuck *cough*) and I couldn't resist emulating that style and posting this... so I hope you like it
For Pesterlog
Go to the news section where this is posted in whole... woops /
Team Assembled
I have a team assembled now, but still don't expect comics for a while. I have 29 sketches. When I get 50 then the comic will start posting. This at least means that there is a guarantee that the comic wont be something that posts once and never happens. This is happening. Thanks for the authors at stand by for mind control for volunteering to be my team!!
Now they both have them
YES!! (was my exact reaction to comic) now they are both having dreams about each other!!!!!
Lydia... why did you post as me? It is very unexciting to have a thousand posts under my name... it is very hard for me to tell that I'm not just obsessed with posting about my own comics. It might be nice to fess up and admit you read them rather then posting as me...

AND ON TOP OF THAT!!! How did you get my account info?!?!?
Kekeke... that wouldn't be the first time someone was owned by my bar. :P

That surprise (LittleBig)party was so sweet of you guys. I can't thank you enough! :D
Yep, that's right, I'm totally 18 now... Remind me to hit Sydney in the head with something to commemorate.
Between homework
Between Robots and homework I do technically have an hour or two to write comics... but as I have the unfortunate disability of being human, I tend to sleep in that time instead.
Yay for truth
I actually made this joke when this actually happened... I don't do many comic worthy things so I is proud!
It's just habit
It isn't like my artwork has gotten better... just consistent...
Big Brother's Watching You
Sorry about the lateness of the post again... at least it is the right day... sorry also about the over anime/freakishness of faces in this comic... sorry also about the title which seems completely 1984-ish
Late again but still on the day
This time I blame the lateness on a lack of software since my computer is in Washington... I had to re-download such things as GrabUp... which I am very reliant on...
You are the god of PowerPoint.
Don't get used to it... it will not be in full color often... cause it looks awful, cause it takes lots of time, and cause I don't have computer coloring in Philly.
Kinda forgot how to draw the characters...
Should probably not wait so long to draw between comics... anyways... going to be in Philly after the 7th of July so I don't know how I'm going to post.
June 31st
So I posted this comic on June 31st and it actually managed to post it on the real date (July 1st) even though June 31st doesn't exist.
Look I am still keeping on time
Hehe! * ahem *... * cough cough *

I am not crazy...
Eeep! Sorry
This comic was done! I simply forgot today was Wednesday... sorry for the lateness...