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Neo Yi
Long story short, I liketh video games, books, cartoons, and of course, drawing.
Chapter 1

Song: Ashes - by Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab

The cover for Prince Marine: The Dandy Robot #1. Alright, let’s get this show on the road!
@Samantha: Sorry, hon, but I've cancelled this comic ages ago. I won't be resuming it.
These two deserve a medal for all the random shit they put up with concerning their "kid."
Yeah, tolerate this friendship with your magic, you technicolored equestrians!

Story's over, but I have one more In-Between before we get to #12. Thanks for being patient.

<sub>I hate drawing ponies.</sub>
Prowl, you're just jealous that Wreck-Gar and Nancy are genuinely a happy couple.
Perceptor is 99.9% certain Sentinel won't last as a Magnus.

More pages to come later.
Oh hey, I updated. Here's the In-Between. I know some people had their hearts set on Nancy joining the crew, but that simply won't happen. I almost did though; there was a point where I had plans to include a few bots to be "temporarily/honorary members" of Crescendoll for a few issues. They would have been Skywarp, Rodimus, Nancy, and Snarl. I think Swindle at one point and possibly someone else. I nixed them because it was getting too complicated and because the focus should constantly been on the core five.
@HunterPup13: Thanks for the nice comment! :D
End of Chapter 11. Chapter 12 comes when I damn well want it to. Here's a hint on the story: it involves Perceptor.
Oh, now I remember why I don't draw Lockdown and Prowl kissing - it's too fucking hard!
Sorry for lack of update.

I think this is the second time I've actually drawn these two kissing together in the comic. As usual, it's disturbing.
The gang's all back together!

I have no damn clue what Nancy's alt mode would be, but since I'm using Rosanna's alt mode for her chassis and her other incarnations are tape cassettes, than that's what Nancy will be.

Also Prowl doesn't normally do chores while wearing his samurai armor. He just hasn't had the chance to take it off yet. (This is just an excuse to make him wear an apron in samurai garb because I think it's funny.)
They escaped this time.
What did he mean by that? Hey, Vector, stop being cryptic!
Hmmm, go back to a normal life with a normal family away from the madness or stick with a group of the most dysfunctional robots this side of the Lost Light. Choices.
I spent way too much coloring the windows.

There's no shadows underneath Skippy's feet. It was intentional to give the frozen time an otherworld feeling.
Why is that cat talking?
Ugh, I wish I spent more time designing the giant clock. Like add more gears or some shit instead of punching out this laziness.
Oh, come on Nancy, his absence is totally on purpose so you can build character and learn a lesson on teamwork and such.