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Neo Yi
Long story short, I liketh video games, books, cartoons, and of course, drawing.
I don’t know how robots grow up like organics do, they just do.
Prima is a Teran from the fourth planet of the Chromian System, Tera. Like any squishy human or human-whatever Prima is suppose to be, they’ve only just begun space exploration that the rest of the system has already mastered.

I want to say my reasoning is to set Prima apart from the rest of the aliens, but really, I’m just following cliche that humans are less tech-savvy, but more versatile. The first excuse would work if we were following the squishy human as the central POV (though rest assure, there’s a lot of pompous finger-pointing and laughter by the other aliens), but we’re not. We’re all suppose to invest in the bloody robot.
First time I tried to draw a Nebula cloud. Failed and made it look like an explosion out of nowhere.
I gotta admit I don’t have a specific song for this chapter, but Caravan Palace and their musical genre fits this chapter’s setting pretty damn nicely.

Happy 2016, everyone!
The unfortunate part about trying to maintain a consistent continuity is that sometimes things will change. Namely the color of the flag. In page 29, it looked like this. I switched it up for this page (and altered the design) because it was already too blatantly French-y in a series where I am not remotely trying to cover up the Frenchiness of our protagonist and his people.
Because I’m a whore for supplementary materials and extra doodads that have little relevance to the main story, but ever so slightly build worlds, these bonus segments (which will be featured at the end of each chapter) will serve to expand The Dandy Robot-verse a bit.

Pay no attention to the talking alligator.
Chapter One is over! Yay!
“Um, sir, if you just turn your head the other way, you might see your target juuuuust flying past ya. No, no? Okay, your loss.”
<i.I don’t understand…
High Queen Lazuli is a born royal, so she’s the head honcho of the Levia royal family. She’s the one making speeches, taking lead, chewing bubblegum, and kicking ass. (This is also why she has “High” on her title while her husband is just “King.”)

King Sapphire is the silent, stoic type. He rarely says a word, choosing to let his wife do the talking while he stands behind her ready to gesture when prompt. I imagine his wife being lively while he tends to stand still a lot. When he does speak, it’s usually best to listen because he bothered to say something.
…well then…
You got some ‘splaining to do, mom and dad.
Just to clarify, King Sapphire is like 8 feet tall.
They’re really jumping from your horrible pun!
Iolite’s teeth is strong enough to bite metal because she’s motivated by the POWER OF LOVE for her owner, Marine.
Destroying an entire city for something only vaguely stated; what a villainous thing to do.
“The Core?”
So, I have a thing for fictional redheads and I blame it on 12-year-old me’s terrible crush on Rufus Shinra.

Prima was created about 11 years ago when I was eighteen for another webcomic idea I had that never got off the ground (back then, he was given the unimaginative name of Prince William - yes, after the actual British royal because I literally could not think of a better name at the time.) His looks were based on Rufus. Prima’s hair is red because I thought Rufus’ was (I guess if I squint my eyes, at best, he looks strawberry blond on the in-game sprites at least), even though it’s been confirmed he’s really blond, which I’m still super disappointed with because damn it he looked better with red hair i mean his name is rufus for petes sake.

Prima went through a lot of changes over the years, so it’s neat that I’m using a character I created a long, long time ago based on a game that has since been milked to death.
I really like bright red contrasted with black, I think it’s a striking image. I tried to reflect that with our main villain. I think latter pages I drew removes the shading altogether to better emphasize that.
Drawing all these robots reduced me to a shriveled mess. The only saving grace is that they’re all in uniform.