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Neo Yi
An old, tired Asian nerd woman.
Mudskippers are some of the dumbest looking animals in existence and I love drawing them.
@jellyfishin: gee if only a wealthy robot prince would adopt this poor baby. but that could never happen, am I right? XD
The feel when you realize even smaller Iolite has a frog head when she alligator.
Bonus Comic!

Something small to tide time until I can get Chapter Six ready. Been wanting to tell this story for a while, but could never fit it anywhere in the main story, so side comic.

“Alligator Tears” is a prequel dealing with Iolite shortly before she met Marine.
Final pic: Top Hat and the Orphans.

Still working on Chapter Six, but to sate you guys over, i have a bonus comic that’ll be going up. It’s a prequel! It’s about Iolite! It’ll be up next Wednesday, June 19th!

Thanks for waiting!
Promo art for Marine’s parents, High Queen Lazuli and King Sapphire.

I have one more promo art to pump out asap, then the bonus comic!
Another promo art, this time workaholic “He-Needs-A-Vacation” Catalina.
Next promo piece: Ruby!
Next promotional art. One of these, I want to make tarot card sets with these guys.
Dandy Robot promo art until the hiatus is over. Thanks for being patient.
Annnnnnd Iolite’s Corner for Chapter Five. Sorry for the delay, it’s been a busy week.

As usual, I’m going to now take a brief hiatus before I upload Chapter Six, give or take another couple of months. I’ll keep you all posted. Thank you again for reading my comic and sticking with me!

If you’re interested in helping me out, I have both a Ko-Fi and commissions (which I use through Ko-Fi. XD) Reblogging or pitching in will really help me out! Thank you once again!

Commission Info: t-since
End of Chapter Five. Next is another extra before I take another brief hiatus, then Chapter Six!

Thank you for reading, everyone!
yes, but did she steal our hearts?
Catalina has to fill out a foot long of paperworks and wait two and a half months for the council to obtain a license for a new ship, which itself takes another load of paperworks to approve of the said license of the new ship, which in itself leads to another set of paperworks to commission a new ship, which itself needs approval to be built in the first place, which in itself needs to be unanimously approved by the council.

In triplicate.
Easy Ruby, Marine’s damaged goods.
Shattered Quake of Doomfist: Up+B+A
last panel: prima’s expression is what i try to be on the outside; catalina is what i am inside.

happy new year!
Now he really has something stuck up his ass.