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Twilight. t. Kitsune
I just don't give a beaver dam
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    Twilight k. Solomon
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like he said A likely excuse. This is a conspiracy! the government is making fake Non-falling rain! -shot tied up and thrown in a river but guys in black suits-
you are having WAYYYYYY to much fun with this.
your having to much fun with this....
that's because there is more then one clever bot, one is stupid, one smart, one horny, one really horny, and one that's a s**t.
He looks like dark the hedgehog now. . .
Why is Snowy ice so sexist?
My computer wont support PDN or Photo shop for some reason.
hay I'm starting to become a bit of a blur whore. so can someone tell me if it looks ok?
If he didn't take away my editing custom pages permission I could do it my self ;_;
Just a reminder -
Exile can you take my sprites off the page soon? please?
Cuz, I didn't get to you yet?
K I'll remember that
Apparently you've read one of my comics.
But for future reference: I prefer to use the big Rail Rifle on people who wake me up.
I woke up this morning and... and Exile took away my ability to update my sprites ;-; I was so close to finishing them.
> White wedding day? (not sure if panic wrote that)
> I write sins not tragedies? (fav. song btw)
>Ask her if she saw what the perpetrator looked like.
Umm, no offense to last two posters, but, there is a sprite and board gallery for a reason. (at least I think) it's so we don't flood the comic with non-comic materiel such as boards and sprites. right? or I'm I just going insane ... er.
your my hero <3 they look so good <3
Not to be pushy or anything but could you do my tails request next? Someone is getting pushy for the full sheet to get done and I need the request poses to finish it.