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You know I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see Jura rocking Julia's outfit here.
@dellacero: Not only can you mount from the right side, you in fact should do it from time to time. Mounting from the ground pulls on the horse's spine, if you have to mount on the ground you should rotate what side you mount on to keep your horse's spine from being completely bent or causing scoliosis. Using a mounting block reduces this problem, but it's still best to rotate what side you mount from. Except in shows of course ;)
I'd almost forgotten how hot Jamie is...
I just found my new desktop image!
Loving the "Andy Warhol"-esque Doc of the Month Board.

Also Does this mean that those of us who donated to get the link to the NSFW comic won't be getting anymore updates there?
September 12th, 2015
@Azreal7313: Most likely he is in pain from the binding, and being knocked against a wall with extremely sensitive wings on his back.
@PureSnowBird: I had a bit of a sailor moon flashback when i saw it too. ^^'
take your time! Us loyal fans are willing to wait an ETERNITY trust me! lol Good luck with college! <3
July 21st, 2012
welcome back and may i say lookin' goood! X3
oh i have followed this comic since it's begining and i have to say every single story you do makes me squee with delight. i'm definatley excited for the next one! <3
of course he's in teh middle! he's the best girl of all! lolz. all joking aside, beautiful page, the picture just flows with movement and rhythm!
p.s. i noaw haz your comment virginity! >:D.
oh no... metis well you must have your reasons, but i wish you didn't... on a lighter note! your comment virginity~ i has it! x3
is this an april fools joke? if it is, da da daa da daaaa i'm lovin' it!!!
ho shiz i sense a disturbense in the force! and it's a DOOZY!!!!111!1!1!
February 20th, 2011
it's proffesor quivel all over again!!!! AAAAGGhGHHghGHGH!!1!!!!111 NOt HoT Hirny!!11!1
ooooh another magical boy maybe!?
Eliots probly all like why this dude wearin mah clothes!?!?
i did the meme looking for erics outfit but no matter what i try, i can't find his outfit that you got for him? what was the root word you used?
i love that the pearls and diamonds change color depending on his mood! ^_^
i knew it i knew it! that pedo-preist is killin her mom! i was right! ^_________^