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I like drawing and reading. I love drawing, actually. I'm a pretty random person. X3
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But that doesn't make sense that they can't fight without a command. How do you think the Pokemon fight in the wild before you catch them? >.<
Oh my gosh, I just laughed really hard....
@Kris the Demon - I've always thought putting your foot on it would help haha, not holding it your hands.
Does it say "Clothe" in the fifth panel?

I don't mean to nit-pick, but it is supposed to say "Cloth" ... Argh, I'm sorry! >.< Great page though!
DragonThing is abused. He/She/It should take Atty to court. On the basis that Atty dropped He/She/It.
Samdyn, you're icon is awesome.

I like the expression in the first panel. :)
I wonder if crazygirl132 wants Hades to be under mind control? X3
I love Top Gear. :) Richard Hammond is my favorite. :)
I think everyone in Britain says "Alas" actually.
I love this comic so much I'm using data on my phone to read it. :)

Anyways, two awkward moments?? In a row?? Will there be three??
I like how Haru sits. :)
Awww Dragonthing has to win! :) You can do it, Dragonthing!!!
I was trying to imagine this page in their animal forms and it didn't work... It just looked awkward.
But... What about Josh and Metis...?
I really like your art style. It makes me want to go finish the first chapter of my own comic.
I like how Samuel looks in the first panel.
Taka reminds me of Axel from KH a little bit... >.<
Lol that'd be my reaction. "DON'T TOUCH THAT!!!" except I'd retaliate with a foot to the face.
I have a bra just like that. Not joking.
I own a couch that big. :D