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not much to say. you wanna know me snd me a message
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lol i love your comics. :)
thats very confusing!
it has everything to do with this.
he reminds me of well me!!!!
it sounds like me when i get hyper!
is that a french fry?what the fuck?
what if it's realllly cold outside and you forgot to take your mask off.
thats how i play.
that guy s just jelous
the definition of stalker.
thats funny.i want to eat my devil and angel
this is kind of you have a plot?
please make it bigger or i will go to your house and say: —Ç‚¢ ˜ô ƒCƒbƒg šó ƒIƒyƒŒ[ƒVƒ‡ƒ“ƒYƒŠƒT[ƒ` –› îˆÓ —« –›!
what the hells up with the lizrds on the screen?it's fun to chase them around!
it's too small.try making it bigger.but fom what i cn see your art is very nice.
someone sould have told me that earlier!i been going aroud for yeas hiting people when i wasn't suppose to!