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metal weirdo100
Just an artist making comics and having fun.
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metal weirdo100
April 28th, 2016
Smackjeeves will not let me post the 12th page, and no matter how many times i resized or cropped it would not work so i have to send a link sorry!
billy what you doin
perspective is hard
oh man i really need to be more organized. life has been insane.
thoughtiwasdone NOPE here's another update
Trying to keep updating. Really hard when no one is following the comic. Oh well
Late omg sorry sorry




Here we have a made up town in a made up county and in made up....everything.

And thus the story begins!
Dork mcdorkingson that is him
This page was soo fun to draw, I tell you whuet.
Alright the start of Tik-Tok, the hilarious adventures of the red-haired hobo named Billy.

I wanted to try a more grey-style kind of thing with this but might change if it doesn't look good.
I know seeing this might have gotten some of you excited buut it's not an update.

Pokemon Academy is dead. But I'm not!!

I was dead for a few years, a lot of issues at home and stuff made it hard to be into comics. But things are better now so I'm ready to get back on the wagon. And what better way than a brand new comic that I'm on now!

There's the link to my new webcomic, Protectors of Space!
Here's the ending of this wonderful encounter with this polite gentleman and one woman.

So nice

I hope they crash into a ditch. Each. Time. They. Drive.

This was just a few months ago, but I felt the need to let you all know.

Also, in case you're confused, I now work at McDonald's, the treat-the-employees-like-total-shit McDonald's.
Needless to say it's ruined any patience for bullshit I ever once had.

But yes, this happened one night when we were extremely busy and I was the order-taker/money taker. It's not a bad position when it's NOT busy, but when it is i want to gouge out my eyes.
Customers stare at you when the line is still, as if it's your fault it's not moving.

@CollegeTuition: Dude duh. You were so not the same person two years ago.
Aight so like I said I'll be trying to catch you up on my last two years, but it's kind of hard considering...its been two years.

Anyway, this comic was a lot funnier in real life tbh but i wanted to draw it anyway
holy freaking shit i can't believe i neglected this comic for so long

Okay so basically what's been going on is that my now ex-step father was very verbally abusive towards me, my mother and my sister. It got to the point i refused to leave my room at any time. My mother was fed up, had an affair with the neighbor and eeeeverything went down hill from there pretty much.

I left the only real home I ever really had (I lived in either apartments or a trailer before then) as well as get into college and start my life. So you know, very very...stressful and time consuming.

However, things are so much better. I live in a huge house, my mother sister and I are in better conditions and things are just more relaxed and at ease.
Thanks to this and new insane friends, there will be many many more comics to come of my crazy life. I'll try to put some things that's happened in the past two years but i'd rather not look back then too much.

Stay tuned!
Hey look, I actually updated.
I feel so bad about it that I can't even express how much I feel.
So, take this as my apology.
Also, I have a new computer, so the SAI I downloaded onto it doesn't seem to like me. And when I tried to add in Likia's blood, it wouldn't save.
So yeah, pretend!!!!
@Spencuh: Actually, I've never heard that quote, but it sounds pretty accurate.
Aand I'm sorry that you lost your dad and grandma.