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Tom Field is a rather boring teenager from the boring part of Britain. He writes the scripts for Social Networking, and also attempts to write radio comedy scripts, sci-fi (mostly Wh40K) and detective stuff. He is studying for his GCSE's, and in his spare time plays computer games (Medieval Total war 2, Dawn of war, Prince of persia, KOTOR), listening to music, (just about everything between the Killers and Kimya Dawson), playing warhammer 40,000 (Tau, Imperial Guard), reading webcomics (QC, XKCD, CAD, Applegeeks, Darths and droids), and wondering why he doesnt have a girlfriend.
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Also, Queenie is my favourite character.
Since i said no comic this week, the gods of irony (sub-gods including the dice gods, the AI director) decided to strike me with swine-flu. So i had lots of free time.

Tell the truth, i dont think this is as funny as i did when i thought it up. So i added the final panel to give it some kind of deniability- "Oh no, all along it was meant to be emotional"
Ok... so i make the first update expected in months, and next week, there's NO chance of anything more than filler. Ah, Exams.
I am the worst zombie hunter ever
On L4D2, in two playthroughs of the Demo, I have done many less-than spectacular things.
First the credit column:
>Killed a tank with a frying pan. (Skillet before it kills you?)

Then, the debit column.
>Headshot a teammate
>Set fire to my entire team (killing one), and one ordinary zombie, with a Molotov Cocktail.
>Died many times
>Woken a witch by bouncing a pipe bomb off her head.
>Set fire to the safe house

You think I'm joking.
I have been playing a bit of Left 4 Dead 2, and though my computer is so slow i must appear to be the most languid zombie hunter ever, i've quite enjoyed it, particularly using the frying pan to swat hordes of zombies across the room. And theres good potential for hero moments- like using the aforementioned frying pan, or an electric guitar, or a baseball bat to swat a zombie off a freind.
And then theres the Witches. If you walk into a room with a witch, walk out. go another way. and dont think too loudly about this, or she'll wake up and disembowell you.
So... we seem to be on a once a week scedule now. Comic every monday. which means, as this is saturday, you're getting a comic extra.

Some comics, for special occasions (halloween, say) do a comic thats "100% longer" or "50% longer". Not us. We offer one panel instead of zero, so, you are getting a INFINITY% longer comic. Comics that update regularly dont do that. And i proved it with maths.

(Probably a comic on monday too. Possibly AND a bonus comic no-one will get)
Ok, image resized.
I've shrunk it down to reasonable dimensions, but it may not be legible. if illegible, hold face closer to screen and read again.

In other news, i'm gonna see about getting rid of these questionable adverts. Hopefully.

And it seems the comics may go to one a week. plenty of ideas, so little time. Possibly one on friday, Probably monday.
Ok, its rubbish
but it is here, as opposed to not here.
After stringing you along for several comics, i spent an hour this evening drawing one, but it sucked. So once again, none.
The Final Destination
These films have always struck me as having a particularly weak plot... why not give it up altogether and have a kind of torture porn "You've Been Framed?"
Bloody Coursework
Ok, comic wont be up until saturday evening. From then on, no comics until monday 1st, thanks to being on holiday. Sorry for booting you around like this. There is, however, the second of our "Lightning Made of Owls" trilogy at Plus theres loads of stuff on our links page and extras.
Goddamn Bond
Ther'll be one more comic with Mr Bond, then back to the rubbish.

Im enjoying writing these James Bond comics. all i need now is someone to draw them for me...

Oh, we also have a Lightning Made of Owls strip up at the site:
OK, thanks Kathryn for posting the comic while i couldnt access Smackjeeves, I owe you one.

Mr Bond and Doctor Death are fun to write for, so there'll probaby be a fair bit more from them in the next few weeks.

EDIT: Almost forgot: We have alt-text on almost all comics.
Really, I like gordon brown.
You cant help liking someone who gets his dream job and has the entire country baying for him to lose it within a year.
Like it says, something i stumbled upon
Found this while researching for my history coursework.

Its as close to a comic as you get this week, i was in a play, and so am too exhausted to do anything. There MAY not be a comic on friday, and there wont be a comic next monday. (Well, its in Johnny's hands so probably not).
By the way...
My hair really is that long and flowing.
It may be a day late, but its here, eh? Im a bit snowed under with rehearsals, plus a broken laptop, but you cant say i didnt post it.

Also, has anybody seen this?
Its a liost of possible end-of-the-world scenarios, ranked by when they could happen. and are my favourite.

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with an omnomnom, stretching into eternity.
Urrrgh 2
Is it just me, or is the comic getting worse... seriously, did my sense of humour melt? The last comic I actually thought funny was the anti-customs missile launcher. And i wrote all of these.
It took me 45 minuites to do this one- not enough to make it look good, too long to make me give up and start again.
Well duh...
Was it the hat that gave it away? Not rip-off, [i]Pastiche[/i].