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There's a way to understand anything if only you are looking in the right place at the right time.

She would like to tell you that you're looking in the wrong places at the right times.

This might be better then being in the right place at the right time.
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Title of the next POY Book, "Abandon all hope ye who enter here"
It's time to make the muppets...
Maybe Wiley is planning on publishing his journal someday, 'The true shocking story of One Inch Punch! SEE Andy's huge penis! HEAR Mulligan whine about his hat! BE AMAZED by Patrick's self righteous opinions!' Hell, I'd buy it.
Band Wagon
I feel like if Rick and Lauren were real people I would owe them an apology. I got swept up in a mob mentality and suggested he was a stalker long before I knew what really going on, and I said Lauren was complacent in said possible stalking. I think one of the most interesting things about this plot line was been that the mob mentality started with some of the characters and spread to the readers. I also think this all shows us a thing or ten about making Mt Everest out of some poor mole's home. And as far as the I'm sorry goes, I think I said it before but I'll offer it again to our beloved Storymaster.
@LittleBoyBlue: It's a low blow comparing this to Sansa chapters, Sansa never choose to be surrounded by Lannsiters but these people chose each other. (mostly joking)
This poltline
Makes me so glad that I date and am marrying a ladyboy. No tea, no shade hunty.
I have a feeling Cristo and Sam want to hide under a rug right about now.
Also, has anyone else felt like they see Lauren as more ugly on the outside because of this plot and her actions it in? I was just wondering because I was reading the backlog over and when she first shows up I felt she was plain with a side of cute. I now see her as kind of ugly.
Maybe Rick should have been talking to Sam about partner abuse instead of Lauren.
I think that 'A man has a right to protect what is his' is the most sexist line I have read in recent memory.

One thing I enjoy about this comic is how the flaws of some of the leads may hide for a while but in the end, we see everyone's ugliest parts at some point.

It seems like that's been a undercurrent of the whole story in a way, the masks people put on, how and when those ugly parts are exposed, as well as how and why people react to them.

I also find it interesting that as Patrick has mellowed (somewhat), Mulligan seems to have soured(somewhat).

It's almost as if there always needs to be a bitter asshole in the group and one when person is not filling that role another steps into it. Has anyone else noticed this, both in the comic and in real life?

It's odd, how groups of people will keep repeating patterns and filling needs even on a mostly subconscious level.
I think...
The kicked puppy look Lauren has in the first panel is really sad. She's trying so hard not to anger Sam or Rick.

It seems like both men are not thinking much about how she feels or what she needs.

I've always felt that there are a lot of ways to turn a person into an object and it seems a bit like that is happening here.

It's funny and sad how easy it is to forget that someone you care for (or claim to care for) is a person to be respected when other things are weighing on your mind.

I know I've done it, it's one of the many things I wish I could take back.
@AdmiralBetas: *sings* He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake. He's going to write smack about you in his da-iry...

I edited and re edited my reply so many times that some wording got tormented in the whole mess, I think meant something like people as a whole but women in particular.
I am sure this is not a popular point of view but I do believe that the choices of any type of victim do play into them becoming a victim, and that if they had made some different choices things could have worked out better.

There was a serial rapist in my town over the summer, he only broke into homes with unlocked doors and windows.

No, no one whom he raped 'had it coming' for having unlocked doors/windows no one ever has being hurt for someone else's amusement 'coming' but on the other hand, he choose the path of least resistance, like most predators will.

Hell, most normal people will choose it as well.

I just think people have a duty to themselves to read up and learn the signs that come when someone means them harm and not be the path of least resistance.

Debecker (and myself) are referring more to an idea like that, that a person needs to lock their mental and emotional doors. That they need to try and look out for red flags and know what personality types to beware of.

Aggressors don't *only* go after 'easy prey' but they do prefer it, there are many studies that prove this is true both for humans and animals.

I think it's more empowering to admit that there are things women and people can do not to become a victim then pretend it's always just something that falls out of the clear blue sky. It's a cold hard world in some ways and people need to be on their toes.

That's really all I meant. I think it's all Debecker means too.

Also! If I came off as callous or uncaring. I'm sorry, this whole plot line has been reminding me of some people I really don't like and I think I took it out on your comic a bit. I never meant any offense, but I do see how what I said could be seen in that light.
Can I be disgusted by them both?
In Gavin Debecker's wonderful book 'The gift of fear' he outlines how stalking get started, 'Men who won't let go choose women who won't say no.'

Lauren refuses to truly and firmly reject Rick and he won't let go of the story he has in his head that she wants him.

It's kind of pathetic on both their parts, and it's funny that they are both motivated by the same thing really, ego.

It seems that a lot of Lauren's ego and sense of self is wrapped up in being the 'nice' person, it seems to me that if she was not obsessed with being considered 'nice' she might start asking herself who Rick really is and why they are really together and weather she would be better off with a support group and some hand packed ice cream.
Ya know at this point whenever the hammer comes down on all the bad shit that has been promised most people will have almost forgotten they were warned about it. Six years woot!
At least one more I guess
@Onyxlight: Thanks again. <3 Something that has not been touched on yet that I think needs to be said is that, would coming from anyone else this be as 'shocking'?

Would all of us (meaning people in the comic and the readers) be more willing/likely laugh this off if it was Patrick or Mulligan?

I guess what I am asking is: Does being the 'nice one' make people feel betrayed when they find out that you are as capable of meanness as they are?

I think the answer is yes, I also think that the readership here may have had Wiley on a bit of a pedestal.
Last commet from me I swear
There is an old saying 'Peer not into keyholes lest ye be vexed' I think that works here quite nicely. Respecting someone's privacy is sometimes more for our peace of mind then the peace of the person whom we would be intruding on.

I think Peter should act like someone who walked on the parents having sex because he did not knock, never mention it again (expect to his shrink) and learn a lesson: locked doors protect you too.