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Well hey there guys. Guess we should have stayed in touch.
For people who don't play Pokemon:

if you don't have the right badge yet, Pokemon you get over trades don't really listen to you that much.
My brothers are still jerks.
Her name is Gengrietta.
My brothers are jerks.
This comic was all a dream, too.
I may have exaggerated my injuries a bit.

(and to YOU, its not your fault at all!)
Here's last year's.

So, did you notice how lately, I've drawn myself with a necklace? (except the comic before, I drew that a really long time ago.)
I drew this a LONG time ago, when I first got my card.

I still do this sometimes.
Conspiracist: A paronoid person who is also dumb.

If you are one, don't take it seriously. I only look down on you if all your information comes from the media.
I took it off 10 minutes into the convention. I felt so silly.
February 3rd, 2010
I finally found this. Stupid house.

If you guys read the front, there's a nice, lengthy real explanation why I disappeared. Here's what it basically says in three words: major art block.

Excuses don't really mean much though, right? At least I'm back.

Expect more updates soon! That's my New Year's Resolution! I've got ideas that are dying to be drawn! Its possible I will draw past events too.

Well, its not really one year, I started doing this a loooong time ago. However, this website has been up for a year (and two days)! Then again I was gone for half the year...happy half year, then.

If you are actually here, comment! I feel like I'm talking to no one. |D
I did not mention our trip to Central Park,the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New England Aquarium, and our Canadian relatives. Well I mentioned them, but didn't do anything about it.

This took up four pages in my sketch book, holy crap.
While you guys were able to see a comic updated every week, I was off having these shenanigans!

Oh New York!

Man, I'm still wondering if I should have cheated and made these, like, 10 separate comics. I guess I wanted to make you guys wait for the comic to load. HAH.
"I met you."

Gosh, what a terrible story.

Her name is disclosed, but she has appeared in at least two comics here, her more prominent once being the Essence of Peace comic.
"i had this dream last night. It started as a normal dream with aladdin, then it turned into a field where there were bugs everywhere. And this like yellow/golden grasshopper flew towards me ; it had beautiful gold and blue wings. I caught it, froze, and pinned it onto wood. THE END. for the grasshopper at least....i told my mother an she said that i was crazy....
my bio teacher is crazy, sure theres better ways to appreciate bugs without FREEZING THEM TO DEATH....and then STICKING PINS INTO THEM TO SHOW. horrible.....anyways it was RLY i killed it /sigh/"

Back story: in his Biology class, he could get extra credit for bringing in bugs, pinned and perfect for display.
"Once upon a time I told someone that I would be online so I could video-chat with them on Gmail. But they had driving classes so they weren't going to be home until after 8:30, so I decided to take a shower early so I didn't have to worry about taking a shower later and actually getting off of gmail chat. So I took a shower early and I got out of ... Read Morethe shower and my friend started texting me like "where are you I thought you were going to be on gmail". So I got into my pajammies and I got on gmail and I told him sorry that I was in the shower earlier and that's why I wasn't on gmail. And he said he was now glad his webcam wasn't working... if I was just out of the shower... he didn't want to be using the web cam if I was in towels or something... and I had to persuade him through gmail chat that I was IN FACT wearing clothes.

And then I put that as my status to prove a point, and another male friend of mine started commenting on it and he didn't believe me either D:"
"So. I'm asleep in bed during the middle of a lightning storm. A crack of lightning hits the tree outside my window, startling me awake with a scream so I fall out of bed. My first conscious thought of the morning is 'WHAT THE HELL. NOBODY IN MY PARTY KNOWS A THUNDER SPELL THAT STRONG.'
I am such a nerd. D8"
"I used to be called the "Tooth Fairy". Why? I kicked out two of my brother's teeth and punched out one of my cousin's (for no reason! I was such a violent child)."
"One time when I was younger, I was at a McDonalds and I was throwing away my trash, but then I accidentally threw away the tray as well. I hesitated and then walked off afraid..."