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"How come I end up where I started
How come I end up where I went wrong
Won't take my eyes off the ball again
You reel me out then you cut the string"
September 27th, 2012
I have a feeling her cane also doubles as a sword.
September 14th, 2011
Mickey Mouse on a Banana Phone. This is pure love.
I just love the creepy smile in the 4th panel
March 25th, 2011
Don't listen to him! sdfoijleskdf
February 28th, 2011
Ah god, this pages gives me the chills. It makes me think of that twilight zone episode that showed how the omnipotence of little boy could cause so much chaos, both physical and mental.
Must.. resist.. the urge.. to GLOMP HARU!
July 26th, 2010

He "sees" noises? That is really interesting.
Wow, that was brilliant and sad and thought provoking. Consider my mind blown. I'm going to go read this again. I hop you release this as a short little book, 'cause I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
I seriously love this story. This universe you've created is so interesting!
This shrine god is just too awesome.
That's totally me. Falling asleep with books and study guides all around me.
June 29th, 2010
I think the brushed speech bubbles are fine. They have a certain je ne sais quoi about them. I like it :)

Also, the last panel is so adorable and funny.
"Holy Snap!" wait, what? nooooooooo. *presses the next button repeatedly*
June 21st, 2010
Aww, what happened? Did no one show up?

Also, I really liked the beginning part of this page.

I was right..
oh no. I feel like breaking that stone will have its consequences..
Ohohoho, another assassin appears.
The luscious hair... it is GONE D;

Oh well, he's still cute anyway
I foresee a fight of epic proportions.