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I cannot draw backgrounds. But I tried...!
Guess who he is.
@LinaEl: BECAUSE OF EVERYONE. <s>And some bias towards Leo, yes.</s>
...I reread this out of nostalgia 8D;
Double update what?!
By the way, pretty much all the pages in this chapter are old from...2010? So the art is D8
Blah blah.
February 7th, 2014
Apron... >v>
<33333333 I'm glad you're updating!
Guess who's back?
So I guess I'll just continue after all. I am just far too lazy to restart when I already have over 130 pages. Look forward to more pages! Just beware, my art has gotten blah after 2 years of hiatus. What you're seeing for the next few pages are my attempt at fixing old pages with what I have now. Also, my scanner has gotten crappy.
October 30th, 2011
That last panel makes my inner fangirl squee. ;-; You know I kinda like the arrangement of panels and effects for the 2nd page here, you're so creative <3
September 9th, 2011
Isaac you so cool. OAO
I can't waittt.
Here we go. Give me a while to start the real pages though...! -has no planning-
I-I wish I can just tell you to INK -THEN- COLOR MORE BECAUSE YOU'RE SO GOOD AT IT.
Haha, this is interesting, I'm keeping watch. ^^
...I-I'm sorry, I totally laughed when I saw my crap picture, b-but THANK YOU ASDJA;!!! I did not expect to even place. ;v;
What, he's gone! D:
He knows 'cause you mentioned 'your online readers' a couple of pages back. 'v'b
Waaah what happened?? Lina need to update more!!! ;3; w