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It's actually quite awful in Gen 5.

Depending on your gender, you're either Hilbert or Hilda.


Maybe Jenny's spying on the conversation.

That, uh.

That might be a small problem.
Oh god, she's even depressed on the Q&A image... D:
My antivirus program is not letting me favorite your comic. Because apparently the 'Add To Favorites' button would INSTALL A TROJAN on my computer
Shin, we know you're alive, seeing as you've been writing S.A.V.I.O.R....
I'll bet he's the first to be voted off that tribe.
Hogan's coming back? Awesome, I'm going to be looking forward to that one.
I was wondering...
Hey, SWSU-Master? I was thinking about applying to enter SFC when I get the opportunity to, I've loved the series ever since I found it (you can thank Akuma for that, btw), and I'd like to know roughly when I should be expecting the next opportunity for submissions.
I say Victor should go.
I do believe that they are in fact wearing each other's clothes.
1st: Chaona
2nd: Barney
3rd: Lilly
4th: Luke
5th: P Bear
Knuckles x Chaona.

Sorry, it had to be said.
"Tonihgt" is the best word ever.
How do you even pronounce it?
What's this?

Shame, shame.
Rebecca + Julia = Chris + Kris
Luke is Jez's Padawan.

Oh come on, with a name like Luke a Star Wars joke was inevitable.
I can't wait for all the canons to be voted off.

I see it being likely that the final 4, or at least final 3, will be all Fans.
I cannot see the comic for some reason.