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Angry man with flower. Never a good sign.
Does Kahn and his sister come back at some point?
Dragonthing recieved 9000 exp!
Atty:George, you're a pokenerd right?
G:No, I'm a pkmn Trainer...
Atty:Whatever. But you didn't happen to buy any repels,did you?
Where'd ya get Nephi's name from?
I will kill you, buthcer.
Why can I post here?!?
Mana is hot. I wouldn't mind waking up to that.
Who's putting spyware on here?
What the devil does she think he is gonna do?
Pokeball used Beat the crap out....It's super effective!!!
Also, will you be using any of the new pokemon?
"We'll see whos the manly man!"I wonder who it would be?
Werecats rock. Even if that ain't a werecat.
I'm pretty sure you explained he was a man about 10 times.
Now I feel like doing a comic involving pokemon.
Na, he wanted to learn Flamethrower!! X3
Whoo boy.