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Also occasionally known on the Internet as "Japeth".

I'll get my own domain one of these days. (Hey look at that, I did it!
If you want, they can be male supermodels.
Frankly, because it would be boring.

Also I have pretty low self-esteem so it's hard to imagine anything in my life being all that note-worthy.
November 11th, 2010
Yes I think you are right. Oh well.
So have you guys heard about this new site thing? I've heard it's great. Yep.
Totally not forgetting to update this. Nope. That would be a false assumption to make.
So now this is a thing I've done. Yep.
Nope! I do not know who that is but they have a pretty cool last name. They should consider naming their kid "Mizzen".
If you still don't know to go to the new site to figure out what's happening here, then I don't know why I'm even trying to tell you. Seriously, it'll only take a minute. Go there, click "Archive", look for the entries prefaced with "Fake Guest Week", and read what's beneath.

Of course, I'm typing all of this out a few days in advance, so for all I know you guys had no problems locating the explanation for what's going on here. In which case, thank you for cooperating.

You know this probably took longer to type out than an explanation would, but I'm the kind of person who slathers their firearms with glue. Or in other words, I stick to my guns.
New Site. Go. Be Enlightened.
Same deal as yesterday, don't feel like writing out another explanation. Go to new site (click the red box with Comic Sans) and you'll understand what's happening here.
I really don't feel like explaining this again, so just go to the new site and you'll get what the heck is going on here.
There I go forgetting to update this page again. Well on the plus side there's a sizable buffer for the upcoming week.
guest comic at left-handed toons a couple days ago, you guys
That's 'cause it's the latest comic. There are no more in that direction, so it just reloads this page.
Is it really? Could you link to the Cyanide and Happiness comic? Because if it is that similar I'll take it down.
So for the uninformed, I'm in charge of Cowbirds in Love all month. It's a fun time, show up there it's cool.

Can I just say though, one big advantage to watching the new site and not this one is that I won't forget to update the new site for a week with the new comic. Like seriously how did I forget to put this comic up, it's been around a full 8 days. Jeez.
I might as well concede if Happyface Comics is also a nominee.
July 5th, 2010
Okay I am almost insulted that you call this better than MSPA. MSPA is amazing.

And I want to keep updating it, it's just hard to get around to. I'll pick it back up for a while pretty soon, probably.
(This is in response to the previously existing comment.)

Okay I'm just going to assume that comment is spam and delete it. Sorry if it's not, but please don't advertise your "Awesome video[s]" here anyway.