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that or be busted by his uncle xD
so much cuteness <3
cannot resist urge to do fanart
While I doubt it, I'm really hoping these other moms are gonna think she's crazy or be like whatever. But again have my doubts given the cover page of this chapter, and thinking Aki might be possibly losing his job because of this narrow minded bitch -_-
I don't hate Hisoka for the choice he just made, but I do like him a bit less. Since to me that's not really...kind? considerate? to cancel on someone you already made plans with, when he should have told Takeru that he already had plans to begin with and to reschedule with him instead.

please don't hate me for liking Hisoka less >.< I still really love your comic!
December 9th, 2013
Ugggh Aki, don't you see she's taken advantage of you? Of that sweet and kind heart of yours, you need to learn to say no boy >.<
November 25th, 2013
Awww his haircut is adorable and suits him well <3
Hm I'm not sure how about them as a couple still, I'm still between I like them as a couple or I totally don't xD
I'm betting there's a certain Penguin standing there watching them both. That, or Eli realized how long he's been there to retrieve the scarf xD
OMG yes. I was so hoping this was gonna happen, look at that booty o w o
September 15th, 2013
Awwwwh yeeeesh, update on my birthday. Life is good! :D
Nnnh I am definitely siding with Seki on how he is feeling right now. Regardless of how long you have been friends, its still gonna hurt pretty bad if your friend up and leaves with no warning, and then has no contact of years. And to top off? Were going to have a moment of intimacy before Keisuke disappeared?

Nope Seki got's a right to be upset. So dry those crocodile tears Kei, since unless you were given the same treatment as Seki. No sympathy for you!
I didn't think she was ugly before :/

Though on a sidenote, I pretty much only like Ross at this point , unless things change and I don't think the rest of them are buttfaces >.<
Ahhh its Dake's mommy ^^
Oh god Sensei, you look simply delicious in that panel~
Neeee...I told myself I wouldn't, but I'mma totally gonna do a cosplay of Nanchi sometime during the summer

//determined face
Whoa...I have that exact same pair of overalls that she does O.o
February 28th, 2013
Mmph, damn man
*fans self*
Those abs, those expressions, goood I love how you make them look so manly
Ahahaha I'm sorry, but when I saw this page all I could think of was the Jungle Book when Kaa does little hypnosis "Trust in Me" song xD
I don't think she is talking to another one like the other two. I'm guessing she's gonna on a thing about how at least the two died together or something, but I'm just guessing
Baaaah attempted at fanart