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I'm the artist of Capslock! and a full-time college student. I don't really do anything else. Check my Twitter if you feel like seeing what I'm up to art-wise and fun-wise.

(If you know me offline, refer to me as Kaylai in public comments please!)
Toast sandwiches are AWESOME.
no love for rug
Look at those arms! Don't you want a comforting embrace?

I guess Crys doesn't.


I swear regular updates will happen again from now on D8
so by now maybe you've all guessed that either

A) The (for now) unnamed character is a representation of oblivious guys I've liked
B) I suck at situational humor


C) Both.

or maybe I'm just reading into things too much. hm.

Also - I have no idea what happened, but for a while we had an awesome amount of visitors and pageviews. They've recently have died down, but thanks for the spontaneous love! Hope we keep getting more :)
Crys is getting pretty freaked out over the course of this chapter
If anyone other than me and Peter understand what the reference to the doors in the first panel are, I will LOVE you. Seriously. (Hint: It's my favorite place in my favorite city - San Jose, California)

And just so you know, yes, that is a rug. It's just a rug that happens to look like a giant teddy bear.
sucking too hard on your lollipop, oh
Say love, say love! Oh love's gonna get you down~

This isn't explained, just implied, but Leo's a tutor for hire. I don't think it's just my campus that has them, but there are lots of people who put up ads to tutor others for pay, generally students tutoring other students. It's a common thing here but not completely sure otherwise, so just checking!

I really like tendrils. Even though they look like tentacles, whatever.

Shout out to Wongfu Productions, their humor style inspired me on this one ->
I wonder if there's an awkward elevator too
I actually went and took pictures at my college where they have similar stairs for this strip, and a friend of mine found me and asked "why are you taking pictures of random people on the stairs...?"


There's a hint in panel 3 on what the new character's name is, you have to look really hard though (It's a guy's name).
anddd now back to black and white
... I have no idea why somebody is also known as Pancake.

We're going somewhere with this, I swear...

Thanks for all the recent pageviews! It means a lot. <3
Enjoy one of the only colored pictures you'll see in a while
migraine midterms migraine midterms migraine midterms

no Crys does not look like that

yes my hair is short

no that's not Crys
I lied
Not out of town yet, leaving in a few hours.

I meant to mention - I hope this comic doesn't get us a mature rating :\ It's not really mature but I guess I can understand? putting that out there before we get flagged as such.

I should go back to packing.
your face is awkward
Shout out to my own bulldog-esque professor, although I honestly hope he never EVER reads this. Because that would be really, really awkward.

Kudos to those who get the Hitchhiker's Guide reference and notice the other new character in this strip.

If you like this strip, you'll like this one:
no **** youuu
If this is working correctly, this is being posted while I'm out of town.

I think this script sounded a lot better in my head than it actually came out. At least try to enjoy the tongue-in-cheek-ness?

The next one is a lot better, I promise.
and all sodaholics will cheer, but that's not very good either
This is my roundabout way of saying how old Crys is, until you actually get a definite age said in the script.

I love how Pita looks in the second panel.
well you see I...
yay comic layout changes.

I felt the need to draw Pita in his bread form, so this is kind of an excuse to do so for the rest of the chapter. 8D;

And you finally get to see Rona in my style, as well as a cameo of some of Pita's friends, who'll show up later. Yay for characters!

See you Monday.
"You could be my bunny" is me mishearing "Kiss Me Thru The Phone" by Soulja Boy
I'd like to apologise right now... To make a long story short, Chapter 2 was really really rushed. Which is sad, because one of my favorite characters in Capslock! is introduced in this one. One day, when college isn't killing me, I'd like to redo the entire chapter, but until then I can't do anything about it.

On an unrelated note, I didn't realize until recently that "school daze" was a play on words of "school days"... man I'm slow.

Also, this chapter is dedicated to someone important. But you don't get to know who. So nyah xP
I love Pita's face on the last panel.

even more screaming
I really like the script on this one.

See you on Monday (with even MORE screaming!)
Just recently found your comic, it's amazing :] at first I found it strange that both of our comics have a strange alternate-dimension closet, but I love your comic nonetheless. Trystan is one of my favorite characters, although admittedly this may be because he's similar to one of my characters that'll be appearing in my comic in the future xP

I would like to say I would love to have my two characters Crys and Pita as a cameo in Tannisburg :3 I hope it's not too hard to figure out which two they are, they're the only ones who have shown up so far, heh...

and I love the second to last panel 8D

/end super long post
Ugh, college sucks right now for me. Don't go, kiddies.

I like how Crys looks in the third panel. Something about her "please shoot me now" face is adorable.
just like a japanese comic trying to get more readers...
and now you know her name. Crystalline, but everyone calls her Crys. please don't make me cry by calling her "cries", pleaaaase.

Chapter 1 is almost over! noooooo D8