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Right. Well, at the moment I'm working on the 'SocialNetworking' Web Comics with my friend Tom Field, who writes the scripts. I also dabble in video editing, photo manipulation, animation and flash/actionscript.
I like music in general, but especially like White Lies, Elbow, Radiohead (basically indie/alternative music generally).

Quite unlike Tom, I know exactly why I do not have a girlfriend.

*plays sad violin music*

A toast to 'SocialNetworking'! *huzzah!*

If you're still reading this, find something more interesting to do, like giving all our comics FIVE STAR ratings. Goodbyes.
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"Someone Hyper"
Imperfected Beauty
Me and Tom have a friend called Laura. She frequently surprises us; however, this little blueprint that she created for me literally made me laugh out loud.

Recently, I had loads of irritating little kids running around my house...due to my sister having a birthday party. I explained this to Laura over MSN, and depicted above is Laura's solution to my problem.

Idiocy + Problem + Laura = Hilarity.
Therefore, Idiocy - Problem = Hilarious Laura
Hello stranger...
...well it's been a mighty long time since I posted anything on here. In fact, this is the first time I've unveiled any finished artwork; even Tom hasn't seen this yet.

I've been slowly building up some ideas for facial structures, teaching myself to draw certain stuff along the way. This is what I've come up with, all my own work, and pretty original as far as I know.

Website's nearly finished, but haven't done anything on it in ages, partly because of coursework.
Anyway, gonna get working on the rest of the bodies =/

Bye, bye! Love you! Bye!
Li'l Hitler
Don't blame me...
...Tom writes the scripts, and I don't read XKCD! :)
Guess Who?
Right, this is a rather crappy preview of the unfinished, early character art.

It's gonna have to do, I'm too busy to do comics, websites, coursework, fundraising, computer repairs, music and TF2 and character art. As well as the new comic.
At last!
I'm so glad that someone else is also like this when playing Portal ^_^
This is the final comic in a while folks.

We're initiating a new comic (of which there will be a preview sometime soon) which will have shiny new character art.

RAnDOmCaPs Out.
Right, sorry...
(1) --> Firstly, Tom has not realised that he has released the filler at a time later than 10:00pm. This is because from where we are posting, the automatic time is one hour ahead.

(2) --> Secondly, apologies to Tom for not editing this rather old comic. I've had to put it up sharpish because my family are eating out for my Dad's birthday.

Again, apologies to all.
Just Funny
On 'The Now Show - 6 Mar 09', when the audience questions were collected...well, you can read.

I take absolutely no credit for this whatsoever.
I just realised that I should have put a bow-tie on Mr. Bond.

Oh well...
We did this comic quite a long time ago, now.
But it's my fault really.

--> Hurt my neck
--> Told the teachers that we should get given more coursework,
--> *accidentally* doodled in 7 extra rehearsals on a piece of paper that I found lying around
--> Also rang Tom's parents, and pretended to be a relative of his.
Don't blame Tom.
Forgot to update!

I think that Tom got very angry with me, but just about managed NOT to knock me out xD.
Oh dear...
I'm afraid to say that Laura is funnier than the both of us.

[EDIT] And the comic name, '<Neam Hree>' is just me mixing the letters up in '<Name Here>'.
Sorry for any confusion or suicides that I may have incidentally caused.
It's actually...really good!
These comics are much more effective than you probably think they are.

If you want any help with this one, just tell me.
But you seem fine on your own =]
It's a...sprite comic?
Doing a strip using sprites seemed interesting, so I thought I'd have a go...
It's great because you only need to write the script and put it together, no complex drawings using the pen tool.

Anyway...the next comic is coming at 10:pm tonight. Enjoy (or not, as the case may be).