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Hello ^-^
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Poor little Diglett. :(
This page truly lives up to what you said this fight would be when it first started(not saying the others didn't, but this is the best). I absolutely love it. ^-^
I actually looked for the new comment on the Hitman comics.
Kirby should just eat Spider Joe.
Blame Nintendo for making another SMG.
Jay got a pet dinosaur.
I just realized something. You're probably gonna have to draw Rosalina again.
Mario and Bug Cather Joey! I luff dem.

New Super Mario Bros kinda disappointed me, but Super Mario Galaxy 2 made me jizz my pants.
Nothin' like a tasty Snorlax.
Wasn't the most secure statue know was it?
Don't stop the party. T-T
Would have been a MUCH better movie with Deadpool.
Poor Koopas never get a break.
Kirby could have hired Snake to kill that Koopa salesmen. Then he could have taken a free copy of Super Mario Galaxy and the Majora's Mask.

Just finished the series. It's a shame this comic is dead.
A zombie you say?

*pulls out laser gun*
So...Bowser has a souvenir shop on his ship?
Poor guys hanging on to the flag pole...
I wanna squeeze Porychu.
He's so cute!
Still can't read 4-6.