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i enjoy yaoi and yaoi rp ^.^ i dont have any comics yet but i like to draw...i have about three accounts on no good with talking to people though...if you want to get to know me, have any reuests, or want to talk/rp i have several yahoo accounts a MSN account and an AIM account(i dont normally see a reason to get on AIM though)...just call me Seth for now...i like that name
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i enjoy this so far...keep up the good work!!
**dies laughing** more please!!
T.T it just got started......please continue
hello? its been two years T.T **pokes** is this dead?
ill definately get it when i get the money^.^
i loved this page^.^ trust suck way less than i do at drawing hands...**huggs** cant wait to see the next one!!
happy belated birthday^.^ its so relieving to meet another june baby**huggs** yay!!!**holds out cupcake**
i like this comic alot^.^ i cant wait for the next update!!
so cute^.^ ill be waiting for the next page
cool!!!^.^ happy early birthday **huggs and gives present** this comic is awesome!
more please^.^ this is hilarious!!
ooo nice^.^...cant wait for the next update
**pokes** is it deadT.T...i hope not, i like your comics
**pokes** hello?
ooooo yummy!!!^.^ i love it!!...makes me want a tail
how cute!!! more please^.^

ooo i got first comment!!!**does happyness dance**
please update!!!!T.T
awww so cute^.^ jealousy is awesome!!
cute!!! love your comics!! cant wait for the next update^.^