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I'm a pretty lazy person, so praise be to the heavens if I ever update anything.

Some general information about myself would be: I like drawing shit in flash, dreaming about better realities, and just screwing around.
Suuure you'll update.
That'll happen when pigs learn to fly over a frozen hell.
"i don't know what it means, but it has a lever. And baw law, I am required to pull it."

Step 1: Steal Bandwidth
Step 2: ????
Step 3: Profit
<,..,< same thing with me an Mario Kart.
her expresion in the 5th panel is priceless.
hehehe, i love it when you can boot people. >.> its happened to me a few times though.
Huh So thats how you win at fps's.
Guest comic
So my friend ash did this guest comic,
his comic can be found there. I'm still working on a few things so i won't get to the comic for awhile... *Runs like hell*
>.> There ya go. Soon is now here.
Oh noz! >,..,> hope nothing bad happens.
Guest comic really.
The artist is Gyrocoptor, and it makes me giggle.
his comic can be found here,
<_< it was a cool scene though.
<.< just be happy i did update. I could of been like ash and left the comic for dead.
blah blah blah
blah blah blah haven't updated in awhile blah blah blah
Just pure genuis. The artwork is really well done, and the story is just amazing.
Wow, what a really beautiful page.
Don't stop making it. They're both really funny.
such a good story, beautiful artwork, fav'd.