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i'm a huge yaoi fan, its to the point that reading a story with hentai as the main pairing nearly makes me vomit!!!
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this comic is insanely interesting... that was a horrible pun... i apologize XD
but yeah i can't wait to see what happens next, keep up the great work!!!
lol i love pokemon comics, i can't wait for this one to get off the ground, it looks like it's gonna be epic!
omg all three of those kids are just adorable! <333333
well, b would probably be better....
and why is courage saying "hai", he's not japanese....
kenny looks like a ninja! XD
And that's how you know you've met the person you're stuck with for the rest of your life. Otherwise what fun would "marriage" be?
oooooh, instant fave man!!!
i've been a huge fan of harvest moon for about 6 years now, and it's always pissed me off that they don't have any yaoi versions..
you know what, i think vincent actually makes a prettier girl than the real princess does... that's kinda cool... in a perverted kinda way. :3
ooh, i be likin' his teeth, they look like they could be lot's of fun during s&m!!! XD
heehee, im a pervert!!! X3
this is to you mr14.0...
how gay are you exactly to keep denying it like this?
why read this stuff if you're not even interested in it?
and why post a comment?
oh and mr 14.0 that was my friend... this is me: aka teenwitch 18
if i feel like defending something that i, and my friends enjoy, then i will!!!
i at least have friends to talk to in the first place!!!
and how old are you?
are you some sad 30 year old male living in his mothers basement 'cause he's too much of a douche for anyone to hire?
update soon kizzy, i want more pwp yaoi!!!
6th panel= deer-in-the-headlight-syndrome
heehee, comment virginity is mine!!!!
anyways, oooh, mister mysterious looks pissed~....
*snort* beaverless true love...
priceless, absolutely priceless...
but dear lord that man has problems!!!
ohmahgawd i love this comic!!!
the first part when tory (?) was in the dentist's office made me laugh so friggin' hard!!!
where you been hun' it's been about 4 months since you last updated... did you perhaps lose all your pages?