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I'm really boring.
I lol'd I really did. I really was expecting a tickle fight.
I couldn't manage a page this week, but I did make something for New Years. It's a 'Nyoro~n' comic spin-off I guess. IDK, I see them a lot.

This was more fun to do than regular pages.

@Cliscia: Your eyes didn't bleed from looking at that old art? I commend you. And thank you.

@Seven Rain: :'x

Genderswap? You?


And the more I look at it, it doesn't look like he's trying very hard to get away. :|
@Seven Rain: And it doesn't look any good.

@Suka-Retto: You're probably not wrong in saying I improved a little. Thank you for the compliment.
Ahaha! Stealing presents, way to go!

I love it!

Thank you!
@AliTheBandit: Thank you for the kind words.

@kuroi_hitsuji: I don't know if you say my reply on the last page, but the font is called DigitalStrip.

@Seven Rain: Thanks.
It's called DigitalFont.

This font does look weird with the comic but that's only because I was so used to the old one.
Yesh I updated! And look who's causing trouble at every turn.

Also I found a new font I like better than the other one I was using.
I apologize for missing last weeks update. It's not much of an excuse but I got caught up playing Dragon Age: Origins and it threw off my schedule. I wasn't planning on playing it for 4 days straight, maybe 2 but not 4 lol. Friday came around and I was like 'yeaaaa that's not getting done.'

@kuroi_hitsugi: Glad he got read that way.

@Seven Rain: He also has an awesome friend.
Hey, I'm actually kinda happy with this page.

@kuroi_hitsuji: Very.
I definitely dig your style.
Rough week, rushed page, and I'm really tired.

At least I got the page done.
Hey remember those documents Alyx supposedly took? Yea, they're kinda not here anymore.

I didn't like where I was originally going with this story. I started to think how I could make this better near the end of the last chapter. I knew I didn't want to restart the whole thing over so I'm going to have to build on what I already established and try and twist it towards my new idea. This chapter is setting it up so I can go with it next chapter.

It's nothing drastic though, like Elena suddenly genuinely being nice people.

Just to let you know.
Finally he's leaving.

@Seven Rain: Don't cats usually have that look anyways?

@airatainted: They're a kind of a weird deformation of nature.

@Frostwings: Doesn't look like it.
Lol, Inez's expression is win.
The mustache. The greatest of all disguises.
@Seven Rain: Haha, that's awesome.

@Frostwings: Yep
Those lips!

@Seven Rain: Glad you like it. ^^

Have any of you heard of Yugioh (lol) the abridged series? I find it hilarious. You can check it out here: D6B

One of my favorite episodes.
2 page update.

Digitally inking is awwwesome.
Yes, yes Alyx is a very...

boyish girl.